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Naval Register: Printed by Order of the Secretary of the Navy. August 1st, 1815. Washington, D.C.: Weightman, [1815].

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List is grouped by first letter of last name, then by date of warrant.


Names and Rank.


Dates of Commissions.


Where Stationed.

Adams, John 21 March, 1803 New York
Brown, William 4 Feb. 1809 Frigate President
Berry, William 20 do 1812 New York
Bligh, John Actg. Boatswain Brig Epervier
Briggs, John Ditto Schooner Torch
Ball, John Ditto Brig Enterprize
Cannon, John N. 8 May, 1802 New Orleans
Cunningham, Westly Actg. Boatswain Brig Spark
Dawson, John Ditto Frigate Macedonian
Eaton, David 8 Aug. 1811 Sloop Hornet, August 1811
Evans, Benjamin Actg. Boatswain Sloop Erie
Hodge, George 11 May, 1798 Furloughed September 28, 1805
Hughes, James 18 Sept. 1809 Nautilus, September 18, 1809
Henry, William 20 Feb. 1815 Brig Saranac
Jenkins, Evan 12 May, 1810 Norfolk, Va.
Keith, William 21 Feb. 1814 Sloop Argus, February 21, 1814
Linscot, Edward 29 March, 1809 Gosport Navy Yard
Longuil, John Actg. Boatswain Schooner Spitfire
M'Cloud, John 1 Aug. 1809 Independence 74
M'Cloud, Collin 17 March, 1812 Sloop Ontario
M'Fate, John 15 July, 1813 Brig Saranac
Minzies, James 1 Oct. 1814 Baltimore
M'Nally, John Actg. Boatswain Brig Flambeau
Owling, George Ditto Frigate Guerriere
Roberts, Michael 18 Nov. 1814 Sloop Peacock
Smith, Thomas R. 5 do -- Lake Ontario
Walton, Abraham 17 Sept. 1813 Charlestown, Massachusetts
Wood, John 8 July, 1815 Franklin 74


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