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Notable Aircraft

F6F "Hellcat" fighters

F6F "Hellcat" fighters in formation during the later 1940s. Plane in foreground is BuNo 94139, an F6F-5. (80-G-428464)

They are biplanes of the Great War, record-setters, experimental platforms, and survivors of epic aerial battles. In service they splashed through Pacific swells, slammed down on the pitching decks of aircraft carriers, flew through hails of gunfire, and blasted to the stars.

Here you can browse an alphabetical listing of notable aircraft — each represents a chapter of naval aviation history with stirring tales of combat, scientific discovery, technological achievement, and triumphs of the human spirit.

Antisubmarine Warfare (ASW) Aircraft

Attack Aircraft

Scout/Dive Bomber Aircraft

Electronic Warfare

Fighter Aircraft

General Purpose Aircraft


Observation Aircraft

Patrol Aircraft

Torpedo Boat Aircraft


Transport Aircraft

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