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Midway Historical Overview Video

The Naval History and Heritage Command produced this 2018 video to tell the story about the victory at Midway. The video uses World War II file footage to convey the importance of the U.S. Navy's efforts at Midway and summarizes how the Allies gained naval dominance in the Pacific. For more videos, please scroll to the Video section below.



DVIDS link to download:


Commemoration Logos

NHHC has created logos to assist commands with their commemoration efforts. Two versions of a Midway commemoration logo are available.

Both JPG (non-transparent background) and PNG (transparent background) formats are available. One version simply states "Midway," while the other states "Battle of Midway"; the latter may be more suitable for audiences less familiar with the historic battle. Both logos are in a resolution suitable for print.



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Battle of Midway

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Battle of Midway Graphics

Pop-Up Display Graphics and Infographic
Download files and printing instructions from Commemoration Resources section.

Battle of Midway Social Media Graphics
Download digital graphics for use on social media platforms, below.  

Battle of Midway Facebook Banner (click to download)

Battle of Midway Facebook Post (click to download)

Battle of Midway Instagram Post (click to download)

Battle of Midway Twitter Post (click to download)


Midway Scene Setter Video
This video produced by the Defense Media Activity's Navy Production Department is a short, narrated video that is perfect for use as a "scene setter" to help all in attendance at your ceremony or event understand what happened at Midway and why it was important.
Access the High Resolution DVIDS: Downloadable Midway Scene Setter

Voices from Midway: Destination Point Luck
Academy Award-winning actor and former Sailor, Ernest Borgnine, narrates the story of the pivotal naval battle of World War II. This one-hour documentary, produced by the Defense Media Activity's Navy Production Department, shares first-hand accounts from veterans who were there.
Access the High Resolution DVIDS Downloadable Destination Point Luck File

The Battle of Midway
Reminiscent of the time period's newsreels, this four-and-a-half minute video tells the story of the Battle of Midway's importance through imagery. Please share this video online.
Watch and share via YouTube: Newsreel Video
Access the High Resolution DVIDS Downloadable Newsreel File

Battle of Midway Pivotal Moments
This four-minute photo slide show, with instrumental background, details the pivotal moments and platforms that contributed to the U.S. Navy's success at the Battle of Midway. Please share this video online.
Watch and share via YouTube: Pivotal Moments Video
Access the High Resolution DVIDS Downloadable Pivotal Moments File


The Battle of Midway Still Teaches the Value of Intelligence, Decisive Action
Innovation and Victory at the Battle of Midway
Reflections on the Battle of Midway from the PACFLT Basement
Battle of Midway Q & As
Battle of Midway: Naval War College Lecture
On Course to Midway: The Battle of Coral Sea
Battle of Midway lecture offers fascinating detail into U.S. Navy victory
Midway Operational Lesson
Remembering Midway

A Vivid Memory of Midway
Navy Cryptology and the Battle of Midway: Our Finest Hour
Synopsis of the Battle of Midway (3-7 June 1942)

Midway Tactical Lessons
Midway Strategic Lessons

Plan of the Day Notes

These notes discussing developments during the course of the battle may be featured in your command's Plan of the Day.


Browse our Flickr album for images of Midway artifacts.

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