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Report of the Secretary of the Navy, 1898

In General

Fleet and squadron commanders and the captains of individual vessels serving far away from their bases of supply and information were kept in touch with the Department by means of cable communication and dispatch-boat service, and were furnished promptly with information collected from the many sources at the disposal of the Department. Arrangements were made to supply the fleet in Cuban waters and the squadron in the Philippines with coal and fresh provisions, and the North Atlantic fleet had at its disposal a thoroughly equipped hospital ship, distilling ships, and a repair vessel capable of making any but the largest repairs.

The Department feels, in contemplating the vast amount of work necessary to the successful operations of the Navy during the past year, that the country as well as the service has cause for congratulation in the results which have followed and which have been so generally approved, and in the further fact that no personal feeling has arisen to mar the glorious victories and magnificent work of the service.

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20 February 1998