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War Chronology: October 1990

1 Oct
USS INDEPENDENCE (CV-62) transited the Strait of Hormuz en route the Persian Gulf (first time a carrier in the Gulf since 1974). The carrier will remain in the Gulf for a short period and conduct normal operations. SUPER SERVANT III arrived Bahrain with her cargo of Minesweepers, and is scheduled to offload 4-5 Oct.

ARG Alfa units and CTG 150.6 conduct the first major amphibious rehearsal operation, "CAMEL SAND" off Ras Madrakah, Oman.

2 Oct
USS MIDWAY (CV-41) Carrier Battle Group deploys from Yokosuka. Japan.

4 Oct
USS INDEPENDENCE (CV-62) leaves the gulf after successfully completing its mission (to demonstrate that it is possible to put a carrier in the Gulf and carry out operations).

15 Oct
USS ELMER MONTGOMERY (FF-1082) completed the 2500th intercept action by the multi-national intercept force since the operation began on 12 Aug 90. The USS ELMER MONTGOMERY hailed the Indian-registered cargo vessel "JAY GAYATRI" in the Northern Red Sea.

21 Oct
USS O'BRIEN (DD-975) fired warning shots across the bow of the Iraqi merchant vessel AL BAHAR AL ARABI in the Persian Gulf after it failed to alter its course to a non-prohibited port.

22 Oct
The Iraqi merchant vessel AL BAHAR AL ARABI was cleared to proceed by a multinational boarding team including Navy and Coast Guard personnel from the USS REASONER (FF-1063) in the North Arabian Sea. The merchant had apparently disposed of its prohibited cargo.

30 Oct
A major steam leak in the fire room of the USS IWO JIMA (LPH-2) resulted in the deaths of 10 crewmembers. Off Ras al Madrakah Oman, ARG Alfa units, along with the remaining CTG 150.6 units - 4th MEB (Amphibious) embarked - began amphibious rehearsal exercise SEA SOLDIER II. Operation SHARP EDGE continues, with a total of 2393 evacuations, including 213 U.S. citizens.

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