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WASHINGTON DC 20374-5060

Officers of Navy Yards, Shore Stations, and Vessels, 1 January 1865

West Gulf Blockading Squadron, Part 2.

BUCKTHORN, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Washington Godfrey.
Acting Master's Mates, B. F. Robinson, H. J. Wynde, and H. A. Mayo.
Engineers: Acting Third Assistants, E. R. Hubbard and William H. Allen.


Acting Volunteer Lieutenant. M. B. Crowell.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Ezra Pray.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, D. F. Power.
Acting Ensigns, C. F. R. Wappenhaws, Theodore H. Paine, Charles H. Blount, F. A. G. Bacon.
Acting Master's Mate, Alpheus S. Eldredge.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, John Seaman; Acting Third Assistants, Henry Lyon, jr., William E. Deaver, Ferrier V. Christian, Frederick A. Scott.

ANTONA, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, John F. Harden.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, S. B. Doty.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, H. M. Whittemore.
Acting Ensigns, Frederick W. Hearn, John Sears, William G. Jones, John Bowman.
Acting Master's Mates, Charles E. Schofield and George T. Carey.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Samuel T. Reeves; Acting Third Assistants, Thos. Petherick, John H. Burchmore, and John Chambers.

STOCKDALE, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Thos. Edwards.
Acting Assistant Paymasters, John W. Day and W. R. Sherwood, (residing on board.)
Acting Ensign, Henry F. Martin.
Acting Master's Mates, Frederick H. Johnson, Charles H. Cleaveland, Daniel Dennis, and George Rogers.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Alex. M. Geary; Acting Third Assistants, Ambrose Kimball and William W. Lewis.

ELK, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant Nicholas Kirby.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Henry H. Wilkins.
Acting Assistant Payinaster, Wm. C. Robbins.
Acting Master and Pilot, Jacob Lindee.
Acting Ensigns, W. D. Tabor and H. W. Brackett.
Acting Master's Mate, A. J. Emery.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, Benj. La Bree, Thomas H. Nelson, R. W. Mars; Acting Third Assistants, Thos. R. Thompson and John S. Hays.

CARRABASSETT, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Ezra Leonard.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, C. W. Knight.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Daniel W. Riddle.
Acting Ensign, A. L. C. Boivie.
Acting Master's Mates, A. A. Delano and John Devereux.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, J. W. Hindman; Acting Third
Assistants, Thos. W. Harding, James Crooks, and Jerome Haas.

NYANZA, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, C. A. Boutelle.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Woodbury G. Frost.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, H. S. Gregory
Acting Master, Julius F. Beyer.
Acting Ensign, Joseph M. Chadwick.
Acting Master's Mate, John H. Mallon.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, William Doyle; Acting Second Assistant, Bernard Martin; Acting Third Assistants, Reuben G. Watson and Henry James.

SCIOTA, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, J. W. Magune.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, R. P. Sawyer.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Benjamin H. Franklin.
Acting Ensign, Charles A. Cannon.
Engineers: Second Assistant, Wm. F. Pratt; Acting Second Assistant, Daniel Dod.

SAM HOUSTON, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Martin Freeman.
Acting Master, William Stewart.

PORT ROYAL, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Thomas M. Gardner.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, L. R. Boyce.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Frank K. Moore.
Acting Master, William Hull.
Acting Ensigns, Elisha W. Snare and Fortesque S. Hopkins.
Acting Master's Mates, Eugene V. Tyson, Samuel S. Bumpus, Wm. A. Prescott, and Wm. Campbell.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Henry Moyles; Third Assistant, W. C. F. Reichenbach; Acting Third Assistant, T. Benton Brown.

TALLAHATCHIE, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Thomas J. Linnekin.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, A. L'Anglois.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, John C. Sawyer.
Acting Master and Pilot, James Redding.
Acting Ensigns, Haskell Crosby, Silas H. Bevins, and William B. Pease.
Acting Master's Mates, William McKnight, John Smith, and Thomas Pindar.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, David R. Sims; Acting Second Assistant, Wm. M. Stewart; Acting Third Assistants, John Dalton and John M. Moran.

GLASGOW, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Richard J. Hoffner.
Acting Master and Pi]ot, Frank Kane.
Acting Ensign, Charles Welles.
Acting Master's Mates, F. A. Sherman, John F. Baker, and Wm. H. Childs.
Engineers; Second Assistant, John F. Bingham; Acting Third Assistants, Robert E. Lytle and John McAuliffe.

PAMPERO, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Oliver Colburn.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Elias C. Niel.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Albert B. Clark.
Acting Master's Mate, Rodger Farrell.
Acting Master's Mate, J. L. Blauvelt.

ARIZONA, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Howard Tibbits.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, S.S. Green.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, George B. Tripp.
Acting Master, William Harcourt.
Acting Ensign, F. Augustus Miller.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, William H. Thomson; Second Assistant, Philip G. Eastwick, (on duty with fleet engineer;) Acting Third Assistant, John Lewis.

GERTRUDE, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Henry C. Wade.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Adam Shirk.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Richard R. Brawley.
Acting Ensigns, William Shepherd and Fred. Newell.
Acting Master's Mates, Benjamin Leeds and Charles A. Osborn.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, William H. Brown; Acting Third Assistants, Joseph H. Nesen, Frank C. Morey, and Charles O. Farciot.

POCAHONTAS, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Ephraim E. Pendleton.
Assistant Surgeon, Charles L. Green.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, A. J. Wright, jr.
Acting Ensign, Isaac J. McKinley.
Acting Master's Mates, B. W. Tucker, jr., John H. Pray, and James L. Gould.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, William F. Warburton and Alexander McDonald; Acting Third Assistants, Rodney F. Carter, John H. Doughty, and William D. Hyde.

ARTHUR, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Joseph E. Stannard.
Acting Assistant Paymasier, C. E. Mitchell.
Acting Ensign, George M. Bogart.
Acting Master's Mate, Robert Wood.

NEW LONDON, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Lyman Wells.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, George M. Beard.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Edmund A. Chadwick.
Acting Ensigns, John M. C. Reville, Victor W. Jones, and Horace Z. Howard.
Acting Master's Mate, Edw. J. Hennessy.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Henry P. Powers; Acting Third Assistants, John Dunlap, James Creery, and John Quinn.

FORT GAINES, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, John R. Hamilton.
Acting Ensign, Stephen A. Ryder.
Acting Master's Mates, Wm. J. Thornton, Bernard Segersteen, and William Brown.
Engineers: Acting Third Assistants, Lucas Golden, William Clark, Henry Moxley, and Thomas Smith.

OWASCO, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Thomas B. Sears.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Jacob J. Smith.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, William B. Coleman.
Acting Master, John Utter.
Acting Master's Mates, Frederick C. Duncan and A. L. Stevens.
Engineers: Second Assistant, Haviland Barstow; Acting Third Assistants, Thomas H. Carton and George W. Latham.

BOHIO, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, William M. Stannard.
Acting Master's Mate, Daniel Parsons.

METEOR, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Meltiah Jordan.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, John M. Skillman.
Acting Ensigns, William S. Romme, John L. Hall, and Charles Haven Sawyer.
Acting Master's Mates, Theo. W. Jones and John F. Porter.
Engineers: Acting Third Assistants, William Connell, William Boyle, William Brown, and Patrick J. Murphy.

KATAHDIN, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Edward A. Terrill.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, G. D. Buckner.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Leander D. Bradley.
Acting Master and Pilot, Bernard Crone.
Acting Ensigns, George A. Faunce and William Ross.
Engineers; Second Assistant, Nathaniel B. Clark; Acting Assistant, Thomas Tuttle; Acting Third Assistants, Samuel Wallace and H. C. Reynolds.

ESTRELLA, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, G. P. Pomeroy.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Fabius E. Clark.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, G. L. Hoodless.
Acting Master's Mates, E. G. Caswell and Charles Sidney.
Engineers : Acting First Assistant, Robert G. Pope; Acting Third Assistants, George R. Marble and James F. Winters.

RODOLPH, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, N. M. Dyer.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, E. P. Colby.
Acting Ass't Paymaster, James C. Graves.
Acting Master and Pilot, John Robinson.
Acting Ensign, James F. Thomson.
Acting Master's Mates, Nathaniel B. Hinckley, John Dickson.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Jas. W. Smith; Acting Third Assistants, Levi Rollins, Joshua Halsall, Charles Robinson.

PINK, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Samuel Belden.
Acting Ensigns, George Steen, H. D. Packard.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Ansel B. Reese; Acting Third Assistants, Samuel S. Pettingell, Henry C. Jewett, John J. Cunningham.

CORYPHEUS, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, J. S. Clark.
Acting Ensign, John H. Gregory.
Acting Master's Mate, Wm. McCann.

GLIDE, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, Levi S. Fickett.
Acting Aassistant Paymaster, Abraham Depue.
Acting Ensigns, James Sheppard, John P. Cole.
Acting Master's Mates, Joseph Griffin, William D. Gregory, Charles Heath.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Michael F. Rodgers; Acting Third Assistants, William M. Matthews, Thomas R. Thompson.

MARIA A. WOOD, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, John Ross.
Acting Master's Mates, Charles Fort, Ephraim S. Stover.

COWSLIP, (4th rate.)

Acting Master, William T. Bacon.
Acting Ensign, John Dennett.
Acting Ensign and Pilot, A. Bellandi.
Acting Master's Mate, Jacob Teal, jr., F. A. Grosse.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, John Rodgers; Acting Third Assistant, John R. Davidson.

HOLLYHOCK, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, Franklin Ellms.
Acting Master's Mate, Lewis Milk.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Abraham Wilcox; Acting Third Assistants, Thomas Kennedy, Frank Rodgers, Frank Royce, Thomas Armstrong.

KITTATINEY, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensigns, N. J. Blasdell, William F. Chatfield.

ROSE, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, Walter D. Maddocks.
Acting Master's Mates, J. E. Plander, Bradford E. Treat, G.E. Symms.
Engineers: Acting Sccond Assistant, William R. Nutz; Acting Third Assistants, Alpheus Nichols, Henry A. Guild, W. L. Lewis.

ALTHEA, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensigns, John Boyle, Chas. C. Wilbur.
Acting Master's Mates, Harry White, Charles A. Blanchard.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, Jas. Kelven, Frederick Henriques; Acting Third Assistant, John F. Smith.

JASMINE, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, F. J. Brenton.
Engineer: Acting Third Assistant, L. R. Burgoyne.

FEARNOT, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, Abraham Rich.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Thos. E. Ryan.
Acting Ensign, Philo P. Hawkes.
Acting Master's Mate, N. W. Freeman.

J. C. KUHN, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, Sewall H. Newman.

W. G. ANDERSON, (4th rate.)

Acting Ensign, Robert H. Carey.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Thos. M. Drummond.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, T. S. Dabney.
Acting Ensign, Samuel A. Brooks.
Acting Master's Mates, George H. Rowen, Allan Reilley.

BLOOMER, (4th rate.)

Acting Third Assistant Engineer, Thomas Jones.

CHARLOTTE, (4th rate.)

Acting Master's Mate, A. Whiting.

IDA, (4th rate.)

Pilot Commanding, Benj. Tarbell.
Acting Master's Mate, Henry Kent.


Naval Rendezvous.

Acting Master, E. H. Howell.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, D. McLean.

Naval Hospital.

Surgeon, Samuel J. Jones.
Assistant Surgeons, Thomas Hiland, Heber Smith.


Acting Master, F. H. Grove.
Acting Master's Mates, Charles R. Marple and E. A. Morse.
Engineer: Acting Third Assistant, J. L. Young.


Acting Ensign, Robert M. Hanson.


Acting Master, William Jones.

Source: Register of the Commissioned, Warrant, and Volunteer Officers of the Navy of the United States, Including Officers of the Marine Corps and Others, to January 1, 1865 (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1865).

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