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WASHINGTON DC 20374-5060

Officers of Navy Yards, Shore Stations, and Vessels, 1 January 1865

West Gulf Blockading Squadron

Commodore James S. Palmer, Commanding.
: Lieutenant Commander Samuel R. Franklin, Fleet Captain.
Fleet Paymaster, Edward T. Dunn.
Fleet Surgeon, James C. Palmer.
Fleet Engineer, William H. Shock.
Assistant Surgeon, Theoron Woolverton.
Acting Ensign, Frederick T. Mason.
Acting Ensign, Alexander S. Gibson.
Acting Ensign, T. M. Ludlow Chrystie.

RICHMOND, (2d rate.)

Captain, Thornton A. Jenkins.
Lieutenant Commander, Edward A. Terry.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Chas. J. Gibbs.
Surgeon, Lewis J. Williams.
Assistant Surgeon, John McD. Rice.
Paymaster, Edwin Stewart.
Marines, Second Lieutenant, C. L. Sherman.
Acting Master and Pilot, John W. Grivet and J.C. Lawrence.
Ensign, Philip H. Cooper.
Acting Ensigns, Colby M. Chester, Lewis Clark, and Arthur H. Wright.
Acting Master's Mate, Theodore J. Werner.
Engineers: Chief, Jackson McElmell; First Assistant, E. J. Brooks; Second Assistants, John Wilson, Albert J. Kenyon, Absalom Kirby, Robert Weir, William H. Crawford; Third Assistant, Charles W Senter; Acting Third Assistant, Thomas McElmell.
Boatswain, Isaac T. Choate.
Acting Gunner, Addison Fisk.
Acting Carpenter, O. W. Griffiths.
Sailmaker, William Rogers.

LACKAWANNA, (2d rate.)

Captain, George F. Emmons.
Lieutenant Commander, Chas. S. Norton.
Lieutenants, S. A. McCarty, and Chas. D. Jones.
Surgeon, Thomas W. Leach.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Wm. F. Hutchinson.
Paymaster, George S. Benedict.
Acting Master, John H. Allen.
Ensigns, George H. Wadleigh, and Frank Wildes.
Acting Ensigns, Clarence Rathbone, Francis A. Cook, and Wm. J. Lewis.
Engineers: Acting Chief, Wm. A. R. Latimer; Second Assistant, Geo. W. Roche; Acting Second Assistant, John Miller; Third Assistant, Isaac B. Fort; Acting Third Assistants, George W. Russell, and Thos. W. Sillman.
Acting Boatswain, James G. Briggs.
Gunner, John G. Foster.

POTOMAC, (4th rate.)

Commander, A. Gibson.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Edgar S. Smith.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. H. Wood.
Chaplain, Robert Givin.
Acting Ensigns, R. Canfleld, Thomas H. Baker, Thomas MeLeary, Joseph B. Barker, and James H. Church.
Acting Master's Mate, A. Whiting.

MONONGAHELA, (2d rate.)

Commander, James H. Strong.
Lieutenants, Thomas C. Bowen and Oliver A. Batcheller.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Henry Rockwood.
Assistant Paymaster, Forbes Parker.
Acting Ensigns, George Gerrard, P. F. Harrington, and Dennis W. Mullan.
Acting Master's Mate, W. S. Arnaud.
Engineers: Chief, George T. Kutz; First Assistant, Joseph Trilley; Second Assistants, John J. Bissett, Edward Cheney, Philip J. Langer; Acting Third Assistants, Amos C. Wilcox and H. L. Churchill.
Boatswain, William Green.
Acting Gunner, M. B. Means.

PORTSMOUTH, (3d rate.)

Commander, Louis C. Sartori.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, Wm. C. Lyman.
Assistant Paymaster, E. Putnam.
Acting Masters, John Wallace and Henry M. Pierce.
Acting Ensigns, James F. Perkins and John P. Pearson.
Acting Master's Mates, Thomas H. Jenks and Thomas S. Flood.
Gunner, W. Cheney.
Carpenter, George E. Burcham.
Sailmaker, L. B. Wakeman.

OSSIPEE, (2d rate.)

Commander, William E. LeRoy.
Lieutenants, John A. Howell and Richard S. Chew.
Surgeon, B. F. Gibbs.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, W. L. Pynchon.
Acting Masters, C. C. Bunker and H. S. Lambert.
Acting Ensigns, Charles E. Clark and W. A. Van Vleek.
Engineers; Acting Chief, James M. Adams; Second Assistants, W. W. Vanderbilt, Wm. H. DeHart; Acting Second Assistants, M. H. Gerry, James R. Webb, George W. Kidder and William Collier.
Boatswain, Andrew Milne.
Gunner, John Q. Adams.

BIENVILLE, (2d rate.)

Commander, J. R. Madison Mullany.
Lieutenant, Henry L. Howison.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, Archibald C. Rhoades.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Wm. Wallace Goodwin.
Acting Master, Theis N. Meyer.
Acting Ensigns, Emile Enfer, George H. French, and Francis O. Abbott.
Acting Master's Mates, John R. Lee, Thomas H. Soule, and Otis G. Spear.
Engineers: Acting Chief, William F. Wright; Acting First
Assistant, Warren Ewen; Acting Second Assistants, P.O. Brightman
and Edward D. Merritt; Acting Third Assistants, D. Z. O'Keefe and Edward Torrallas.
Acting Gunner, William T. Laforge.

SEMINOLE, (3d rate)

Commander, Albert G. Clary.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, George Mundy.
Surgeon, John C. Spear.
Paymaster, Levi S. Stockwell.
Acting Master, William A. Maine.
Acting Ensigns, David K. Perkins, Francis Kempton, and Walter S. Church.
Acting Master's Mates, Henry Webb and Charles A. Thorne.
Engineers: Acting First Assistants, Claude Babcock and Alvin R. Calden; Acting Third Assistants, William Drinkwater, Patrick J. Hughes, and George Ellis.

ONEIDA, (3d rate.)

Commander, Thomas H. Stevens.
Lieutenants, Charles L. Huntington and E. N. Kellogg.
Surgeon, John J. Gibson.
Assistant Paymaster, George R. Martin.
Acting Ensign, Charles V. Gridley.
Acting Master's Mates, Edward Bird and Daniel H. Clark.
Engineers: Chief, William H. Hunt; Second Assistant, David Hardie; Acting Second Assistants, B. S. Cooke and William C. Barrett.
Acting Boatswain, Hallowell Dickinson.

PRINCESS ROYAL, (3d rate.)

Commander, M. B. Woolsey.
Lieutenant, Charles E. McKay.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Thos. K. Cbandler.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Francis T. Morton.
Acting Ensigns, A. H. Reynolds, Thomas A. Witham, John J. Moule, and Cyrus K. Porter.
Acting Master's Mates, William E. Cannon and Lewis Johnson.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, William Huntley; Second Assistant, James E. Fallon; Acting Third Assistants, Andrew J. Redmond, Peter Taylor, and George W. Caldwell.

OCTORARA, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, William W. Low.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Wm. D. Urann.
Assistant Surgeon, Edward R. Dodge.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. H. Pynchon.
Acting Masters, Horace S. Young and Maurice W. McEntee.
Acting Ensigns, Qeorge H. Dodge, jr., and John N. Frost.
Acting Master's Mates, George P. Gifford and George W. Adams.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, William W. Shipman; Second Assistant, R. B. Plotts; Acting Third Assistant, Joseph Knight.


Lieutenant Commander, William Mitchell (Ordnance Officer.)
Acting Assistant Paymaster, W. C. Cook (Naval Storekeeper.)

KICKAPOO, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, M. P. Jones.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, D. C. Woods.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Foster Thayer.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, F. B. Gilbert.
Acting Masters, S. V. Bennis and DeWayne Stebbins.
Acting Ensigns, Joseph W. Chandler, Ezra Bassett, F. W. Grantzgow, and G. G. Tripp.
Acting Master's Mates, E. R. Bradley and L. W. Sedam.
Engineers: Acting Chief, D. C. Riter; Acting First Assistant, G. W. Lumpkins Acting Second Assistants, N. F. Johnson, Andrew DoJan, and Samuel Sykes; Acting Third Assistants, William T. Baxter, William D. Robb, John Feihl, and Martin Hilands.
Acting Gunner, Joseph H. Howe.
Acting Carpenter, William Ostermeyer.

METACOMET, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, James E. Jouett.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, H. J. Sleeper.
Assistant Surgeon, E. D. Payne.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, H. M. Harriman.
Acting Masters, Chris. C. Gill and H. C. Nields.
Acting Master and Pilot, R. Riggs.
Acting Ensigns, James Brown and Rufus N. Miller.
Acting Master's Mates, J. K. Goodwin and Charles Harcourt.
Engineers: First Assistant, James Atkins; Second Assistants, Charles H. Ball and George P. Hunt; Acting Third Assistants, James H. Nash, S. W. King, and Patrick Maloney.
Acting Gunner, James Laman.

KINEO, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, John Watters.
Lieutenant, Charles S. Cotton.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, E. S. Perkins.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Allan J. Clark.
Acting Ensigns, Henry W. Mather, Willard S. Keen, and David J. Starbuck.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, John S. J. Harper and Richard Thall.

J. P. JACKSON, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Bancroft Gherardi.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, L. W. Pennington.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Thomas S. Yard.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Chas. B. Perry.
Acting Master, H. R. Billings.
Acting Masters and Pilots, James Maycock and Henry Rehder.
Acting Ensigns, William H. Howard and Joseph Wainwright.
Acting Master's Mates, Achilles Kalinski and Clinton T. Taylor.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, Charles Goodwin; Acting Third Assistants, James D. Cadwell, Albert Mayer, and John E. Hare.

CAYUGA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Henry Wilson.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, John E. Parsons.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Wm. A. Mann.
Acting Master, John Hanson.
Acting Ensigns, William F. Dolliver, Isaac A. Abbott, Robert Morris, and Francis P. Stevens.
Engineers: Second Assistants, Josiah C. Chaffee and William A. H. Allen; Acting Third Assistants, Thomas Kidd and John D. Thompson.

PENOBSCOT, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, A. E. K. Benham.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Fernando C. Sargent.
Assistant Paymaster, Frank H. Hinman.
Acting Master, Charles E. Jack.
Acting Ensigns, Edward Pendexter, Thomas McL. Miller, William G. Campbell, and William Wingood.
Engineers : Acting First Arsistant, William M. Rodes; Acting Third Assistants, Warren Howland, Edward T. Henry, and John Carey.

GENESEE, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, John Irwin.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, W. L. Wheeler.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Frederick C. Alley.
Acting Masters, F. H. Grove, William Hanson, and Edwin Crissey.
Acting Ensigns, Sidney Hall, John Cannon, and George B. Foster.
Acting Master's Mate, Joseph N. Peabody.
Engineers: Second Assistants, Thomas W. Rae and Mason W. Mather; Acting Second Assistants, Michael McLaughlin and Christopher Nulton; Third Assistant, Edward W. Clark; Acting Third Assistant, John H. Dee.

AROOSTOOK, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Joseph S. Skerrett.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, John H. Richards.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, E. St. C. Clark.
Acting Master, Prince S. Borden.
Acting Ensigns, John Griffin and William Barker.
Acting Master's Mate, Edward Culbert.
Engineers: Second Assistants, Samuel Gregg and James Entwistle; Acting Third Assistants, Nathan Brown, L. M. Reenstjerua, and Joseph P. Somerly.

VINCENNES, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, C. H. Greene.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. W. Newcomer.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Samuel Jordan.
Acting Masters, A. E. Hunter and Latham A. Brown.
Acting Ensign, Robert Henderson.
Acting Boatswain, John Smith.
Acting Gunner, William Kneeland.
Sailmaker, George Thomas.

MILWAUKEE, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, James H. Gillis.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Fred. John Gover.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, N. Brewster.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, G. H. Horne.
Acting Master, George W. Garrison.
Aeting Ensigns, Niles T. Crocker, E. D. Springer, R. L. E. Coombs, and J. W. Crocker.
Aeting Master's Mates, George H. Cole, T. W. Stuart, and George W. Perrigo.
Engineers: First Assistant, John Purdy, jr.; Acting Second Assistants, Charles Metzger; John Adkins, Henry Bauer, S. W. Evans, and Frank Leonard; Acting Third Assistants, Freeman A. Hurd, Jacob Wahl, H. L. Dickerson, Morgan Lutton, Henry Blanch,
and William A. Blanch.

SEBAGO, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Wm. E. Fitzhugh.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, T. Munson Coan.
Assistant Paymaster, Henry A. Strong.
Acting Master, Jerome B. Rogers.
Acting Master and Pilot, John H. Collins.
Acting Ensigns, E. D. Martin, Samuel G. Blood, and James F. Hamilton.
Acting Master's Mates, Thomas Elsmore and William A. Hynard.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, William Morris; Acting Second Assistant, William P. Ayres; Acting Third Assistants, Robert Miller and Franklin Babcock.
Acting Gunner, John Roberts.

KENNEBEC, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Trevett Abbot.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Edward Baker.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Wm. H. Taggert.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Elijah Ward.
Acting Masters, A. L. Emerson and John J. Butler.
Acting Ensign, J. D. Ellis.
Acting Master's Mate, Allen A. Mann.
Engineers: Second Assistant, L. W. Robinson; Acting Second Assistant, John S. Pearce; Acting Third Assistants, John N. Johnson and James Eccles.

ITASCA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, George Brown.
Surgeon, David Kindleberger.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Alfred G. Lathrop.
Acting Master, Richard Hustace.
Acting Ensigns, Charles H. Hurd, James Igo and Edward S. Lowe.
Acting Master's Mates, Marcus Chapman and Lucius E. Heath.
Engineers: Second Assistants, Jno. C. Borthwick and George C. Irelan; Acting Second Assistant, Alfred Hoyt; Acting Third Assistant, Charles H. Laws.

KANAWHA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Bushrod B. Taylor.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Franklin W. Brigham.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Wm. O. Jube.
Acting Ensigns, William A. Purdie, Robert P. Boss, F. H. Deering, and Edward R. Westcott.
Acting Master's Mate, James J. Clark.
Engineers: Second Assistant, M. M. Murphy; Acting Third Assistants, B. F. Sanborn, Anthony Higgins, William D. Pancake, and Patrick H. Friel.

PEMBINA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, J. G. Maxwell.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, A. R. Holmes.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Walter Fuller.
Acting Masters, Bowen Allen and F. E. Ellis.
Acting Ensigns, William Lyddon, B. M. Chester, Charles Putnam, and Charles L. Crandall.
Acting Master's Mate, Henry T. Davis.
Engineers: Third Assistant, Chas. F. Nagle; Acting Third Assistants, Charles F. Stroud and Augustus Dewitt.

PANOLA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Henry Erben.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Aaron Y. Hanson.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, A. B. Robinson.
Acting Ensigns, Charles V. Rummell, Jas. W. Brown, and Albion P. Gibbs.
Acting Master's Mate, John Rosling.
Engineers: Second Assistant, Howard D. Potts; Acting Second Assistants, Samuel A. Appold and John B. McGavern; Acting Third Assistants, Philip Ketler and F. E. Hosmer.

CHOCURA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Rich. W. Meade, jr.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Charles Gaylord.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. G. Tobey.
Acting Master, Alfred Washburn.
Acting Ensigns, Thomas F. Tracy, D. M. Carver, Robert Beardsley, Alex. P. Atwood, and Thomas G. Watson.
Engineers: Second Assistants, H. H. Maloney and Theodore Cooper; Acting Second Assistant, Othello D. Hughes; Third Assistants, Nelson H. Lawton and Andrew Blythe.

WINNEBAGO, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, W. A. Kirkland.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Joseph G. Bell.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Henry Gerrard.
Acting Master, A. S. Megathlin.
Acting Master and Pilot, Wm. H. Wroten.
Acting Ensigns, James Whitworth, Michael Murphy, and John Morrisey, jr.
Acting Master's Mates, Wm. Edgar, Henry C. Atlee, and John L. Hall.
Engineers: Acting Chief, Simon Schultice; Acting First Assistants, James Monroe and John Wilson; Acting Second Assistant, Philip Allman; Acting Third Assistants, James N. Quin, Robert D. Wright, Thomas J. Myers, James Morris, Samuel W. Dalton, jr., and John Donaldson.

CHICKASAW, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, George H. Perkins.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Wm. Hamilton.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. K. Bacon.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, E. S. Wheeler.
Acting Master, E. B. Pike.
Acting Master and Pilot, Benj. Lancashire.
Acting Ensign, G. L. Jordan.
Acting Master's Mates, F. A. Case, M. F. Kushann, Chas. Atkins, Wm. A. Osborne, and M. Graham Jones.
Engineers: Acting Chief, William Rogers; Acting First Assistant, E. P. Bartlett; Acting Second Assistant, James J. Maratta; Acting Third Assistants, Alfred Wilkinson, Albert H. Goff, Geo. Harris, Henry Duckworth, and Alex. Wiggins.
Gunner, John A. McDonald.

SELMA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant, Arthur R. Yates.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Felix McCurley.
Assistant Surgeon, Frederick Kroecker.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, C. W. Clapp.
Acting Master and Pilot, John H. Collins.
Acting Ensigns, Louis R. Vance and Walter A. Dewitt.
Acting Master's Mate, T. S. Gilmore.
Engineers: Second Assistants, John D. Ford and James W. Patterson; Acting Third Assistants, Henry W. Whiting and Edward Kenney.

ARKANSAS, (3d rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, David Cate.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, E. D. G. Smith.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Ed. G. Bishop.
Acting Ensigns, Frank H. Beers and Richard C. Dawes.
Acting Master's Mates, James Scully, Thos. E. Tinker, and M. J. Nicholson.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Joseph C. Cree; Acting Second Assistant, A. M. Clements; Acting Third Assistants, Geo. Anderson and Charles Wolff.

TRITONIA, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, George Wiggin.
Acting Master and Pilot, J. Nicholson.
Acting Ensign, F. R. Jaschke.
Acting Master's Mates, Carlton A. Trundy and H.P. Fish.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, James Findley; Acting Third
Assistant, Abram Geer.

VIRGINIA, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Charles H. Brown.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Wm. H. Kenney.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Jeremiah B. Haff.
Acting Master, William G. Mitchell.
Acting Ensigns, N. A. Blume and F. E. Brackett.
Acting Master's Mates, Herman Wissing and E. F. Small.
Engineers: Second Assistant, J. D. Toppin; Acting Third Assistants, James E. Essler, J. E. Scribner, Charles Hoskins, Daniel Ward.

PENGUIN, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, James R. Beers.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, H. R. Buckley.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Thomas C. Hutchinson.
Acting Master, Tolford Durham.
Acting Ensign, Benjamin Caullet.
Acting Master's Mates, Charles G. Smith, Frederick C. Almy, and Wm. A. Hannah.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, F. W. Warner; Acting Second Assistant, William P. Randall; Acting Third Assistants, John Webster, Richard Reilly, and Dewitt McBride.

CORNELIA, (4th rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, John A. Johnstone.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, John G. Dearborn.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, A. P. Eastlake.
Acting Master, George Ferris.
Acting Ensigns, George A. Harriman, Frank Millett, and George F. Brawley.
Acting Master's Mates, William H. Wood and George H. Russell.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Samuel R. Brumage; Acting Second Assistant, Thomas J. Lavery; Acting Third Assistants, James A. Boynton and Geo. Altham.

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Source: Register of the Commissioned, Warrant, and Volunteer Officers of the Navy of the United States, Including Officers of the Marine Corps and Others, to January 1, 1865 (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1865).

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