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WASHINGTON DC 20374-5060

Officers of Navy Yards, Shore Stations, and Vessels, 1 January 1865

South Atlantic Blockading Squadron.

Rear-Admiral J. A. Dahlgren, Commanding.
Lieutenant Commander Joseph M. Bradford, Fleet Captain.
Lieutenant Commander E. Orville Matthews, Flag Lieutenant Cornmander.
Lieutenant Alfred T. Mahan, Ordnance Officer.
Lieutenant James O'Kane, Flag Lieutenant.
Ensign Ernest J. Dichman, Aid.
Fleet Engineer, Robert Danby.
Fleet Paymaster, James H. Watmough.
Fleet Surgeon, William Johnson.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant and Pilot, William Haffards.
Acting Ensign, Walter Cooper.
Acting Ensign and Signal Officer, George H. Rexford.

CANANDAIGUA, (2d rate.)

Captain, Gustavus H. Scott.
Commander, N. B. Harrison.
Lieutenants, Simeon B. Gillett and Walter Abbot.
Masters, Calvin C. Childs, John L. Gifford and Robert G. Lelar.
Thomas E. Harvey and Andrew Willard.
Master's Mates, S. S. Willett and James Wilbar.
Surgeon, Charles H. Burbank.
Assistant Paymaster, William H. Anderson.
Engineers: Chief, G. B. N. Tower; Second Assistant, James J. Barry; Acting Second Assistants, William McGrath and James W. Mellor; Acting Third Assistants, William M. Smith and Henry B. Goodwin.
Boatswain, Charles Fisher.
Gunner, Elisha J. Beecham.


Commander, William Reynolds.
Acting Master, H.W. Hand.
Acting Masters, Richard B. Hines, John C. Cox, and William A. Morgan.
Acting Ensigns, Christian S. Lawrence, Woodward Carter, and Frank Jordan.
Chaplain, John Blake.
Surgeon, Henry C. Nelson.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Levi S. Bingham.
Marines: First Lieutenant, Geo. G. Stoddard.
Acting Master's Mates, Andrew B. Flynn, Henry A. Rogers, and Harry Lucas.
Third Assistant Engineer, William Charlton.
Acting Boatswain, Edward Hughes.
Acting Gunner, George W. Allan.

 FLAG, (3d rate.)

Commander, James C. Williamson.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, William H. Latham.
Acting Master, William Sallman.
Acting Ensigns, Charles V. Kelley, Samuel A. Gove,, Eugene W. Watson, and John Denson.
Acting Master's Mate, William Merrill.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, O. B. Seagrave.
Acing Assistant Surgeon, William J. Burge.
Engineers: Second Assistant, Isaac R. McNary; Acting Second Assistant Campbell McEwen; Acting Third Assistants, Lory Bennett, Theodore Scudder, and Henry A. Chase.
Acting Gunner, John H. Pennington.

ST. LOUIS, (3d rate.)

Commander, G. H. Preble.
Lieutenant, William F. Stewart.
Acting Master, S. W. Hadley.
Acting Ensigns, Hazard Marsh, Henry Pease, jr., S. S. Minor, and Fred. Wood.
Acting Master's Mate, F. L. Bryan.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, J. H. Macomber.
Paymaster, J. S. Post.
Acting Boatswain, George Brown.
Gunner, G. P. Cushman.
Sailmaker, I.E. Crowell.

JAMES ADGER, (3d rate.)

Commander, T. H. Patterson.
Lieutenant, Gilbert C. Wiltse.
Acting Master, Anthony F. Holmes.
Acting Ensigns, Gideon E. Halloway, Oliver C. Snow, and Charles Danenhower.
Acting Master's Mates, Levi W. Smith, Robert Steel, and John W. Thode.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, William W. Myers.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Wilbur Ives.
Engineers: Acting Chief, Edward A. Whipple; Acting Second Assistants, G. W. Scobey and J. B. Place; Acting Third Assistants, Philander J. Holmes, Timothy Woodruff, Richard Morgan, and John Roach.
Acting Gunner, Joseph Venable.

PAWNEE, (2d rate.)

Commander, George B. Balch.
Lieutenant, Wm. Whitehead.
Acting Masters, John C. Champion, Thomas Moore, and Edmund A. Magone.
Ensign, Henry Glass.
Acting Master's Mates, Charles H. Poor, jr., Thomas L. Fisher, and Jacob Kemp.
Assistant Surgeon, Samuel F. Shaw.
Assistant Paymaster, Charles S. Perley.
Engineers: Chief, B. E. Chassaing; Second Assistants, Wm. J. Clark, jr., Arthur Price, and John G. Brosnaham; Third Assistant, Robert Crawford. Boatswain, James Brown.
Gunner, James Hays.

CIMARRON, (3d rate.)

Commander, Egbert Thompson.
Acting Master, Wm. E. Thomas.
Acting Ensigns, Geo. F. Howes and Charles Penfield.
Acting Master's Mate, Nathan Goldsmith.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Theo. S. Keith.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Jobn T. Lee.
Engineers: Second Assistants, John B. Carpenter, C. F. Meyer, jr., Wm. H. Kelly, and Wm. L. Bailey.

MINGOE, (3d rate.)

Commander, J. B. Creighton.
Acting Masters, Joseph W. Caugdon and J. C. Wentworth.
Acting Ensigns, Samuel Merchant, S. R. Carlton, R. F. Dodge, and J. A Phipps.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Charles A. Cabel.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Geo. H. Napheys.
Engineers: First Assistant, E. A. C. DuPlain; Acting Second Assistants, James Mitchell, Wm. F. Worrell, and Levi Smetzen; Acting Third Assistants, Wm. Emmarick and G. G. Blake.
Acting Gunner, Andrew Harmand.

CATSKILL, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Edward Barrett.
Lieutenant, Charles W. Tracy.
Acting Masters, John C. Hamlin and William Reed.
Acting Ensigns, John D. Barclay, Edwin B. Cox, and Charles Clauson.
Assistant Surgeon, John W. Coles.
Assistant Paymaster, Horace P. Tuttle.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Jobn F. Butler; Acting Second Assistants, Joseph G. Dennett and Jonas T. Booth; Third Assistant, William M. Barr; Acting Third Assistant, Henry M. Test.

PATAPSCO, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, S. P. Quackenbush.
Lieutenant, Wm. T. Sampson.
Acting Master, John White.
Acting Ensigns, Joseph S. Johnson, Andrew P. Bashford, and James C. Brown.
Assistant Surgeon, Samuel H. Peltz.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Wm. S. Creevey.
Engineers: First Assistant, Reynolds Driver; Acting Second Assistant, George L. Palmer; Third Assistants, Dewitt C. Davis, George F. Sweet, and John J. Ryan.
Pilot, Gabriel Pinckney.

PONTIAC, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, S. B. Luce.
Acting Master, George F. Winslow.
Acting Ensigns, Thomas Stevens, E. M. Clark, Theodore E. Lawton, and James E. Carr.
Acting Master's Mates, Wm. H. Fitzgerald and E. L. Kemp.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, H. S. Skelding.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. W. Sherfy.
Engineers: Second Assistants, Francis Cronin, Cipriano Andrade, and H. F. Bradford; Third Assistants, Carlton F. Uber and James G. Littig.
Acting Gunner, Charles F. Adams.

LEHIGH, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Alex. A. Semmes.
Lieutenant, John H. Reed.
Acting Masters, William N. Price and John H. Bolles.
Acting Ensigns, D. W. Hodson, J. H. Cromwell, and Richmond Lanphier.
Assistant Surgeon, David V. Whitney.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, W. F. A. Torbert.
Engineers: First Assistant, Wm. W. Hopper; Second Assistant, Oscar B. Mills; Acting Second Assistants, Henry Wanklin and James H. Vaile; Acting Third Assistant, Heber C. Wilkins.

SANGAMON, (4th rate.) 

Lieutenant Commander, Jonathan Young.
Acting Master, S. A. Waterbury.
Acting Ensigns, C. A. Pike, R. P. Leary, and George A. Johnston.
Assistant Surgeon W. J. Simon.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, D. Corning.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, W. S. Hazzard; Acting Second Assistant, W. J. Barrington; Third Assistant, J. A. Kaiser; Acting Third Assistants, W. E. Coster and C. H. Hunt.

NAHANT, (4th rate.) 

Lieutenant Commander, William K. Mayo.
Lieutenant, Henry F. Picking.
Acting Master, William Shackford.
Acting Ensigns, Charles J. Rogers, Albion B. Prince, Edgar H. Frisbie, and William C. Mendell.
Assistant Surgeon, Samuel G. Webber.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, William H. Palmer.
Engineers: Acting First Assistants, John H. Foster and Thomas B. Grene; Second Assistant, Levi T. Stafford; Third AssisLant, John L. Hannum; Acting Third Assistant, Morris McCarty.

PASSAIC, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, T. Scott Fillebrown.
Lieutenant, H. L. Johnson.
Acting Masters, A. A. Owens and Charles Cook.
Acting Ensigns, L. A. Waterman, Richard Hepburn, and Sylvester Eldridge.
Assistant Surgeon, William P. Baird.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, F. A. Wheeler.
Engineers: First Assistant, James Sheriden; Second Assistants, F. H. Fletcher; Webster Lane, and Joseph Hooper, Acting Third Assistant, G. S. Odell.

MONTAUK, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, E. E. Stone.
Lieutenant, E. F. Brower.
Master, W. W. Crowningshields.
Ensigns, G. W. Bourne, W. T. Mitchell, and E. Gabrielson.
Assistant Surgeon, G. B. Todd.
Assistant Paymaster, C. A. Robbins.
Engineers: Second Assistants, A. Adamson J. W. Hollihan; Acting Second Assistants, Simeon Rockburn and Charles Amberg; Acting Third Assistants, Jesse F. Walton and Richard Bell.

NANTUCKET, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Robert F. R. Lewis.
Lieutenant, John F. McGlensey.
Acting Master, James M. Forsyth.
Acting Ensigns, George T. Chapman, Frank Kemble, Gorham P. Tyler, and James W. Burr.
Assistant Surgeon, Elwood M. Corson.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, G. Walter Allen.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, David F. Gerrish; Second Assistant, C. F. Hollingsworth; Acting Second Assistant, Fred C. Russell; Third Assistant, H. H. Kimball; Acting Third Assistant, J. F. Kingsley.

WISSAHICKEN, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, A. W. Johnson.
Acting Ensigns, Henry B. Francis, H. F. Dorton, and Alonzo Elwell.
Acting Master's Mates, David J. King and Joseph Gregory, jr.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, S. C. Johnson.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Charles Datcher.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, John Fallon; Third Assistant, Charles W. Kenyon; Acting Third Assistants, Charles E. Jevins and James F. Miller.

SONOMA, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, R. W. Scott.
Acting Master, H. M. Merrill.
Acting Ensigns, S. H. Pallock, Geo. Couch, S. G. Bryer, and M. J. Daly.
Acting Master's Mate, D. W. Spinney.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, David Fairdrey.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, William Sellew.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, A. B. Cullins; Acting Third Assistants, Rufus Barton, R. G. Lewis, George Paul, and John O'Keefe.
Gunner, J. M. Hogg.

 NIPSIC, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Edmund W. Henry.
Acting Masters, George P. Lee, John E. Stickney, and Henry A. Green.
Acting Ensign, George E. Thomas.
Acting Master's Mates, Walter S. Howland and Joseph C. Butler.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Wm. J. Gilfillan.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Henry T. Mansfield.
Engineers: First Assistant, Samuel L. P. Ayres; Second Assistant, Edward Koehl; Third Assistant, Chas. R. Roelker; Acting Third Assistant, William. J. Dougherty.

OTTAWA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, James Stillwell.
Acting Master, William H. Winslow.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Lewis H. Willard.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, George W. Huntington.
Acting Ensigns, Benjamin Mitchell, Charles H. Choate, William H. McCormick, and Walter N. Smith.
Engineers: Second Assistants, George H. White and Robert B. Hine; Acting Second Assistant, William Ross; Acting Third Assistant, Cyrus G. Mead.

WINONA, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, Wm. H. Dana.
Acting Masters, E. H. Sheffield and William MeKendry.
Acting Ensigns, Walter Sargent and J. Severns.

Acting Master's Mate, Alfred Staigg.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Charles Little.
Acting Ass't Paymaster, Thomas H. Dickson.
Engineers: Second Assistant, Alfred Hedrick; Acting Second Assistant, J. B. A. Allen, jr.; Third Assistant, Robert L. Wamaling; Acting Third Assistant, C. W. Plaisted.

DAI CHING, (4th rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, J. C. Chaplin.
Acting Masters, Joshua W. Crosby and Geo. Howorth.
Acting Ensign, Walter Walton.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, John R. Richardson.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Edward Sherwin.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, George R. Bennett; Acting Third Assistants, Domingo Castana, John H. Fulcher, and Montgomery West.


Lieutenant Commander, Alex. F. Crossman.
Acting Masters, Wm. Knapp, John Myers.
Acting Ensigns, N. W. Waite and George Glass.
Acting Master's Mates, Samuel Flaxington and L. F. Strant.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, R. Freeman.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, D. J. Harris.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistants, Sylvanus Warren; S. S. Hettrick, and Nelson Ross.


Lieutenant, George W. Hayward.
Acting Ensign, John A. Edgron.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Benj. F. Brown.
Acting Master's Mate, Charles Everdeen.
Acting Gunner, Thomas Holland.

SARATOGA, (3d rate:)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Edgar Brodhead.
Acting Masters, Benj. S. Melville and Charles H. Baldwin.
Acting Ensigns, Edward Rogers and George O. Fabens.
Acting Master's Mates, Charles H. Chase and William A. Stannard.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Winthrop Butler.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Louis A. Yorke.
Boatswain, Philip J. Miller.
Gunner, Stephen Young.
Carpenter, Oliver H. Gerry.
Sailmaker, Joseph C. Bradford.

JOHN ADAMS, (3d rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Alvin Phinney.
Acting Masters, C. C. Ricker, T. E. Chapin, and Henry Vaughan.
Acting Ensigns, H. D. Burolett, T. S. Avey, A. A. Franzen, Peter W. Fragen, G. S. Johnson, and Frank Fisher.
Acting Master's Mates, Wm. M. Gregg, Samuel E. Adamson, John Ostega, Nathan Brown, and Oliver O'Brien.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, N. M. Randlett.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Arch'd McVey.
Gunner, Jonathan M. Ballard.
Acting Gunner, Alfred C. Holmes.
Carpenter, Joseph G. Thomas.

FLAMBEAU, (3d rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Edward Cavendy.
Acting Master, Gilbert Richmond.
Acting Ensigns, John W. Griffiths, Jesse T. Carver, Joseph S. Thomles, and John M. Hudson.
Acting Master's Mate, John F. Peterson.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Peter H. Pursell.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, F. V. D. Horton.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, John Harris; Acting Second Assistant, C. B. Curtes; Acting Third Assistants, A. F. Bullard and Edward Humstone.

SOUTH CAROLINA, (3d rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Wm. W. Kennison.
Acting Master, Wm. Bailey.
Acting Ensigns, John Gunn, E. M. Dimon, Charles G. Boyer, and Ansel S. Hitch.
Acting Ass't Surgeon, Hiram C. Vaughan.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, S. W. Tanner.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Joseph T. Hathaway; Acting Second Ass'ts, John H. Rowe and Henry Gormley; Acting Third Assistants, S. C. Lane and John Agnew.

LODONA, (3d rate.)

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, R. P. Swann.
Acting Masters, Henry G. McKennee and R. C. McKenzie.
Acting Ensigns, W. S. McNeilly and L. B. Brigham.
Acting Ass't Surgeon, Thbmas W. Meckly.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, A. M. Stewart.
Engineers: Acting Second Assistant, M. C. Heath; Acting Third Assistants, James Mollineaux, Wm. Leonard, and W. H. H. Hawes.

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Source: Register of the Commissioned, Warrant, and Volunteer Officers of the Navy of the United States, Including Officers of the Marine Corps and Others, to January 1, 1865 (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1865).

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