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WASHINGTON DC 20374-5060

Officers of Navy Yards, Shore Stations, and Vessels, 1 January 1865

Pacific Squadron.

Acting Rear-Admiral George F. Pearson, Commanding.
Surgeon Charles D. Maxwell, Fleet Surgeon.
Paymaster John B. Rittenhouse, Fleet Paymaster.

LANCASTER, (2d rate.)

Commander, Henry K. Davenport.
Lieutenant Commander, Edward P. McCrea.
Lieutenants, W. R. Bridgman and Albert S. Barker.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, Fred'k E. Potter.
Assistant Surgeon, Isaac H. Hazelton.
Chaplain, E. D. Winslow.
Marines: Captain, D. M. Cohen; Second Lieutenant, Frank D. Webster.
Acting Ensigns, W. W. Hendrickson, W. S. Dana, and Jacob Barron.
Acting Master's Mates, Charles A. Brown and John Detless.
Engineers: Chief, B. B. H. Wharton; Second Assistant, E. M. Breese; Acting Second Assistant, B. W. Fowler; Third Assistants, Richard Inch, T. L. Vanderslice, George F. Sawyer, and Edward Stiles; Acting Third Assistant, C. D. Soutbal.
Boatswain, John McKinley.
Gunner, Burgess P. Allen.
Carpenter, William D. Toy.
Sailmaker, Stephen Seaman.

SARANAC, (2d rate.)

Commodore, Charles H. Poor.
Lieutenant, Henry B. Seely.
Surgeon, S. F. Cones.
Assistant Surgeon, John T. Luck.
Assistant Paymaster, W. S. Blunt.
Marine: First Lieutenant, John H. Grimes.
Acting Masters, Edward D. March and John Adams.
Acting Ensign, James A. Chesley.
Acting Master's Mates, Wm. H. Mott, Wm. Woodworth, Wm. Thatcher, and V. B. Gates.
Engineers: Chief, Montgomery Fletcher; Second Assistant, James H. Perry; Acting Second Assistant, J. M. Middleton; Assistants, Samuel P. Budd and Franklin H. Townsend; Acting Third Assistant, Richard N. Taylor.
Boatswain, Edward Kenney.
Gunner, George Fouse.
Carpenter, David Robinett.
Sailmaker, Robert L. Tatem.

ST. MARY'S, (3d rate.)

Captain, Edward Middleton.
Lieutenant, John H. Rowland.
Acting Masters, George H. Holmes and Geo. Finney.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, A. W. H. Hawkins.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, James Garrett.
Marine: Second Lieutenant, Wm. S. Muse.
Acting Ensign, Edmund B. Hunt.
Acting Master's Mate, John W. Howison.
Boatswain, Edward B. Bell.
Gunner, Thomas H. Fortune.
Carpenter, Josiah D. Pinner.
Sailmaker, George W. Giet.


Commander, Roger Perry.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, L. S. Chamberlain.
Acting Master's Mates, John F. Stephenson, Walter H. Tilton, and Henry G. Clarke.

WATEREE, (3d rate.)

Commander, Frank K. Murray.
Lieutenant. W. Scott Schley.
Assistant Surgeon, George T. Shipley.
Acting Ass't Paymaster, George S. Sproston.
Acting Ensigns, David P. Page, William H. Colley, Wm. Nyborg, and Julius Nelson.
Acting Master's Mates, Wm. G. Tompkins, Robert J. Sperry, and John Mack.
Engineers: First Assistant, Charles E. DeValin; Second Assistant, Orleans Longacre; Acting Second Assistant, John O. Fairbairn; Acting Third Assistants, David Pace, Solon A. Bryant, and Peter Innes.
Acting Gunner, James Read.

SAGINAW, (4th rate.)

Commander, Wm. E. Hopkins.
Acting Master, Charles S. Coy.
Acting Ensigns, Wm. H. Webb, and Thos. W. Kimball.
Acting Master's Mate, Gerald Weston.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Francis J. Greene.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. W. Ames.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, John Loyd; Acting Second
Assistant, John A. B. King; Acting Third Assistants, Francis P.
Hallowell, George H. Moore.

CYANE, (3d rate.)

Lieutenant Commander, John H. Russell.
Lieutenant, Albert Kautz.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, G. W. D. Patterson.
Acting Master, J. L. Gamble.
Acting Ensigns, Williamson Dunn, George W. Sherman.
Marine Officer: First Lieutenant, Charles A. Stillman.
Passed Ass't Surgeon, Somerset Robinson.
Assistant Surgeon, S. N. Brayten.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Charles E.Boggs.
Acting Master's Mate, Leopold Beyersdorff.
Boatswain, J. B. F. Langton.
Gunner, Thomas Stewart.
Acting Carpenter, Geo. W. Middleton.
Acting Sailmaker, Augustus Witenborg.


Acting Master, Nelson Provost.
Acting Ensign, Jos. B. Swett.

Source: Register of the Commissioned, Warrant, and Volunteer Officers of the Navy of the United States, Including Officers of the Marine Corps and Others, to January 1, 1865 (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1865).

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