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WASHINGTON DC 20374-5060

Officers of Navy Yards, Shore Stations, and Vessels, 1 January 1865

North Atlantic Squadron.

Rear-Admiral David D. Porter, Commanding.

Staff: Lieutenant Commander K. R. Breese, Fleet Captain.
Lieutenant Commander H. A. Adams, jr., Ordnance Officer.
Lieutenant S. W. Preston, (Flag.)
Lieutenant M. W. Sanders, Signal Officer.
Lieutenant S. W. Terry, Detailing Officer.
Fleet Paymaster, H. M. Hieskell.
Fleet Engineer, Theo. Zeller.
Assistant Paymaster, C. F. Guild, (special duty.)
Acting Ensigns, I. M. Alden, H. Woodruff, R. Bates, I. W. Grattan, and F. W. Grafton.
Acting Master's Mate, Aaron Vanderbilt.

COLORADO, (1st rate.)

Commodore, Henry K. Thatcher
Lieutenants, George Dewey. Henry B. Robeson and Mortimer L. Johnson.
Surgeon, James McClelland.
Assistant Surgeons, Robert Willard and B. H. Kidder
Paymaster, William A. Ingersoll.

Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, Fred. F. Baury.
Marines: Captain L. L. Dawson; First Lieutenant, E. P. Meeker.
Acting Masters, Edwin Coffin and L. B. King.
Acting Ensigns, J. L. Vennard and Willis G. Perry.
Acting Master's Mates, J. W. Wallace, A. B. Arey, E. A. Gould, M. V. Thomas, and A. F. Tucker.
Engineers: Chief, B. F. Garvin; First Assistant, J. H. Bailey; Seconds Assistants, E. E. Roberts, Henry M. Quig, and C. S. Maurice; Third Assistant, M. A. Sutherland; Acting Third Assistants, C. C. Fernald, J. P. Messer, and Wm. B. Whitmore.
Boatswain, John K. Bartlett.

Gunner, William Wilson.
Carpenter, J. G. Myers.
Sailmaker, Nicholas Lynch.

MINNESOTA, (1st rate.)

Commodore, Joseph Lanman.
Lieutenant Commander, James Parker.
Lieutenants, M. S. Stuyvesant and E. T. Woodward.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, J. Paul Quinn.
Assistant Surgeons, William Longshaw and William S. Fort.
Paymaster, C. C. Upham.
Marines: Captain, George Butler; Second Lieutenant, George M. Welles.
Acting Master, Theodore Werholf.
Acting Ensigns, W. C. Wise, J. W. Willard, James Bertwistle, F. A. O'Connor, and W. H. Jennings.
Acting Master's Mates, J. M. Simms, Tallas Eager, and Amos Merrill.
Engineers: Acting Chief, A. R. Eddows; Acting First Assistant, J. E. Cooper; Second Assistants, Guy Samson, J. C. Cross, and H. A. Delius; Third Assistants, James D. Lee and J. C. Kafer; Acting Third Assistant, W. H. Mott.
Boatswain, William Bunker.
Gunner, R. H. Cross.
Carpenter, A. O Goodsoe.
Sailmaker, T. O. Fassett.

POWHATAN, (1st rate)

Commodore James Schenck.
Lieutenants, Geo. M. Bache and Merrill Miller.
Surgeon, H.O. Mayo.
Assistant Surgeon, W.H. Johnson.
Paymaster, C. P. Wallach.
Marines, First Lieutenant, F. H. Corrie.
Acting Master, Charles R. Wilkins.
Ensigns, Ira Harris and A. G. Kellogg.
Acting Ensigns, R. D. Evans, Francis Morris, and Edmund Pays.
Acting Master's Mates, George P. Abbott, George L. Sands, and John Clitz.
Engineers: Chief, John A. Grier; Acting First Assistant, W. H. Dobb; Second Assistants, W. S. Smith, James Long, John Franklin, and Michael Dundon; Third Asssistant, A. C. Engard; Acting Third Assistant, H. F. Grier.
Acting Boatswain, James Gurney.
Gunner, George W. Omensetter.
Carpenter, J. MacFarlane.
Sailmaker, B. B. Blydenburg.

SUSQUEHANNA, (1st rate.)

Commodore, S. W. Godon.
Lieutenant Commander; F. B. Blake.
Lieutenants, J. R. Bartlett and George M. Brown.
Surgeon, J. O'C. Barclay.
Assistant Surgeon, C. H. Perry.
Paymaster, A. J. Clark.
Chaplain, J. D. Beugless.
Marines, First Lieutenant, W. Wallace.
Acting Master; H. O. Porter.
Ensign, E. E. Preble.
Acting Ensigns, T. F. Laycock, W W. Rhoades, and O. C. K. Benham.
Acting Master's Mates, Charles Garrisford, W. H. Sprague, M. S. Cooper, and S. T. Paine.
Engineers: Chief. John Johnson; First Assistant, Isaac S. Finney; Second Assistants,
James Renshaw, J. H. Hutchinson, and Henry A. Smith; Third Assistants, Thomas
Crummey and C. F. Marsland; Acting Third Assistant, Bema Cook.
Boatswain, Z. Whitmarsh.
Gunner, E. J. Waugh.
Carpenter, J. E. Miller.
Sailmaker, John A. Holbrook.

NEW IRONSIDES, (1st rate.)

Commodore, William Radford.
Lieutenant Commander, R. L. Phythian.
Lieutenants, Antoine R. McNair, H. B. Rumsey, and H. J. Blake.
Surgeon, Edward Shippen.
Assistant Surgeon, George A. Bright.
Paymaster, George Plunkett.
Marines, First Lieutenant, R. S. Collom.
Acting Masters, H. S. Conner and Benjamin R. Dorey.
Acting Ensigns, Walter Pearce, William A. Duer, and John M. King.
Acting Master's Mates, C. C. Bamford, Joseph F. Silvor, and William E. Wilson.
Engineers: Chief, Alexander Greer; Second Assistants, John H. Hunt, William S. Cherry, William J. Reed, Nathan P. Towne, and William S. Wells; Third Assistants, John K. Stevenson and A. H. Henderson.
Boatswain, William Leeds.
Gunner, William Cope.
Carpenter, Joseph E. Cox.
Sailmaker, George T. Lozier.

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, (2d rate.)

Captain, O.S. Glisson.
Lieutenant, H. Farquhar.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, A. S. Oberly.
Assistant Surgeon, J. D. Murphy.
Acting Masters, J. A. Hannum and F. H. Wilkes.
Acting Ensigns, T. Delano, E. C. Bowers, and Charles H. Pierce.
Acting Master's Mates, Richard Lyons, S. W. Kempton, E. C. Finney, and R. S. Shepard.
Engineers: Acting Chief, Solon Farrar; Acting Second Assistants, C. R. Weaver and F. W. H. Whittaker; Acting Third Assistants, George Barnard, R. E. Hurley, C. R. Merrill, Joseph Jordan, and George A. Barnard.
Acting Gunner, J. W. Irwin.

WABASH, (1st rate.)

Captain, Melancton Smith.
Lieutenant Commander, C. H. Cushman.
Lieutenants, E. C. V. Blake and H. C. Tallman,
Surgeon, H. F. McSherry.
Passed Ass't Surgeon, James H. Tinkham.
Acting Ass't Surgeon, N. L. Campbell.
Paymaster, George Cochran.
Chaplain, Charles A. Davis.
Marine Second Lieutenant, L. E. Fagan.
Acting Masters, W. U. Grozier and S. J. White.
Acting Ensigns, George T. Davis, Whitman Chase, E. A. Small, and Joseph F. Brown.
Acting Master's Mates, Wm. J. Lewis, Daniel E. Knox, J. J. Fuller, Wm. Read, E. P. Blague, H. C. Thoburn, and James B. Lukens.
Engineers: Chief, A. C. Stimers; Second Assistants, Joseph S. Green, Philip R. Voorhees, Wm. H. Williamson, A. Michiner, and A. W. Buckhout: Acting Third Assistants, John W. Collins, Wm. H. Peabody, and John T. Smith.
Boatswain, Charles Miller.
Gunner, Cornelius Dugan.
Carpenter, William Hyde.
Sailmaker, H. W. Frankland.

VANDERBILT, (2d rate.)

Captain, Charles W. Pickering.
Acting Vol. Lieutenant, Joseph D. Danels.
Surgeon, Joseph Wilson.
Assistant Surgeon, Luther M. Lyon.
Acting Ass't Paymaster, James H. Tolfree.
Marine First Lieutenant, Wm. H. Parker.
Acting Masters, Albert M. Keith and L. F. Timmerman.
Acting Ensigns, A. P. Sampson and Elisha N. Snow.
Acting Master's Mates, F. B. Atkinson, Ed. Thompson, Jesse B. Stout, Ezra B. Pope, and Edward Kearns.
Engineers: Acting Chief, John Germaine; Acting First Assistant, Wm. H. Golden; Acting Second Assistants, Wm. Welles and A. Williams; Acting Third Assistants, John Hyslop, Martin Glennon, Geo. Germaine, John O'Neil, William Wright, and Wm. H. Garrison.
Boatswain, Jasper Coghlan.
Gunner, George Sirian.
Carpenter, T. H. Bishop.

JUNIATA, (2d rate.)

Captain, Wm. R. Taylor.
Lieutenant, F. V. McNair.
Surgeon, A. C. Gorgas.
Paymaster, Caspar Schenek.
Acting Master, C. H. Hamilton.
Ensign, C. McGregor.
Acting Ensigns, W. D. Price and S. S. Bissell
Acting Master's Mates, Lewis Goeltz, W. F. Warnick and George H. Prescott.
Engineers: Chief, J. Follansbee; Acting First Assistant, J. E. Fox; Second Assistants, J. Van Hovenbury and John Everding; Third Assistants, Everett Battelle and F. C. Burchard; Acting Third Assistants, B. F. Lewis and Thomas Conner.
Boatswain, J. A. Selmer.
Gunner, D. A. Roe.
Carpenter, John Mills.

FORT JACKSON, (2d rate.)

Captain, B. F. Sands.
Lieutenant Commander, Rush R. Wallace.
Lieutenant, S. H. Hunt.
Surgeon, Philip Wales.
Acting Ass't Surgeon, E. J. O'Clallagham.
Paymaster, Clifton Hellen.
Acting Master, H. F. Moffatt.
Acting Ensigns, S. K. Hopkins and John J. Reagnan.
Acting Master's Mates, H. St.C. Eytinge, Jas. D. Moore, Geo. W. Smoot, Frank A. Powers, and Charles Moran.
Engineers: Acting Chief, Rodney Smith; Acting First Assistants, Jared Day and John A. Hill, Acting Second Assistants, John Herron and George F. Gibbs; Acting Third Assistants, Charles S. Wakefield and Wm. Prentiss.
Boatswain, P. A. Chason.
Acting Gunner, Thomas Reese.
Carpenter, E. Thompson.

SHENANDOAH, (2d rate.)

Captain, Daniel B. Ridgely.
Lieutenant, Smith W. Nichols.
Surgeon, James McMaster
Acting Assistant Paymaster, C. M. Guild.
Acting Masters, John S. Watson, W. H. Brice, and Joseph A. Bullard.
Ensigns, Yates Sterling and J. H. Sands.
Acting Master's Mates, L. H. White, Thomas H. Wheeler, and T. D. Wendell.
Engineers: Acting Chief; Nelson Winans; Second Assistant, E. A. Magee; Acting Second Assistant, James S. Kelleper; Third Assistants, D. M. Fulmer, F. W. Towner, and Wm. Bond.
Boatswain, James H. Polly.
Gunner, George Edmond.

TICONDEROGA, (2d rate)

Captain, Charles Steedman.
Lieutenant, George B. White.
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant, L. G. Vassallo.
Surgeon, C. J. Cleborne.
Paymaster, H. M. Denniston.
Ensigns, W. W. Maclay, A. S. Crowninshield and G.W. Coffin.
Marine, First Lieutenant C. F. Williams.
Acting Master's Mates, Wm. Charlton, jr., E. A. Sibell, Wm. Cooper, and L. Norton.
Engineers: Chief, T. J. Jones; Second Assistant, H. H. Barrett; Acting Second Assistants, R. J. Middleton and M. Smith; Acting Third Assistants, O. Bassett, H. M. Noyes, M. Thaster, and S. J. Hobbs.
Boatswain, H. E. Barnes.
Gunner, Joseph Smith.
Acting Carpenter, M. E. Curley.
Sailmaker. J. C. Herbert.

BROOKLYN, (2d rate.)

Captain, James Alden.
Lieutenant, Thomas L. Swann.
Surgeon, George Maulsby.
Assistant Surgeon, H. S. Pitkin.
Paymaster, G. E. Thornton.
Marine, Captain G. P. Houston.
Acting Master, Robert Barstow.
Ensigns, D. R. Cassell, C. H. Pendleton, and C. D. Sigsbee.
Acting Ensign, C. H. Littlefield
Acting Master's Mates, Thomas Stanfield, J. W. De Camp and R. H. Taylor.
Engineers: Chief, Mortimer Kellogg; Second Assistants, Wm. H. G. West, Thomas Lynch, George E. Tower, and Joel A. Bullard; Acting Second Assistants R. D. Giberson; Acting Third Assistants, John Matthews, H. H. Arthur, and Timothy Flanders.
Boatswain, Robert McDonald.
Acting Gunner, John Quevedo.
Carpenter, Robert G. Thomas.
Sailmaker, Daniel C. Brayton.


Commander, D. Lynch.
Acting Master, George W. Caswell.
Acting Ensigns, F. Hopkins, Wm. Chandler, and Augustus Dame.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Wm. C. Dennan.
Assistant Paymaster, W. Goldsborough.
Acting Master's Mates, George E. Chipman, Thomas Welsh, and T. B. Seavy.
Gunner, John Webber.

TUSCARORA, (3d rate.)

Commander, James M. Frailey.
Lieutenant Commander, Weld N. Allen.
Surgeon, John Y. Taylor.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, F. J. Painter.
Acting Master, Alex. Tillinghast.
Acting Ensigns, Samuel L. Griffin, Charles H. Carey, Oliver Swain, and S. E. Willits.
Acting Master's Mates, J. A. H. Wilmuth and Arthur F. Aldrick.
Engineers: Chief, A. J. Kiersted; Acting First Assistant, Joseph McKnight; Acting
Second Assistants, Wm. H. Andress and A. N. Gilmore; Acting Third Assistants, Alexander Demster, Wm. B. Snow, and Jesse H. Chesnew.
Acting Gunner, Thomas Grail.

MONADNOCK, (3d rate.)

Commander, E. G. Parrott.
Lieutenant Commander J. N. Miller.
Acting Masters, B. F. Milliken and S. H. Mead.
Acting Ensigns, W. B. Mix, T. W. Swift, jr. and P. Davison.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, James Wilton.
Assistant Pay master, J. S. Woolson.
Engineers: Acting Chief, J. Q. A. Zeigler; Acting First Assistants, S. A. Randall and W. A. Phillips; Acting Second Assistants, B. C. DuPlain and B. Smith; Acting Third Assistants, R. Aldrich, W. P. Whittemore, John Brice, and T. J. Wilde.
Gunner, P. Barrett.

ONONDAGA, (3d rate.)

Commander, Wm. A. Parker.
Lieutenant Commander, J. M. Prichett.
Passed Assistant Surgeon, A. Hudson.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, S. T. Browne.
Acting Masters, W. L. Hays and Henry Stevens.
Acting Ensigns, J. De Kay, S.C. Norton, M. E. Wendell, and J. Brennan.
Acting Master's Mate, B. Heath, jr.
Engineers: Chief, Alex. Henderson; First Assistant, J. C. Hull; Second Assistants, W. F. Fort, W. L. Nicholl, and E. M. Lewis; Acting Second Assistant, C. Stanton; Third Assistant, T. Cooke; Acting Third Assistant, Julius Hillman.

SHAMROCK, (3d rate.)

Commander, W. H. Macomb..
Lieutenant, R. K. Duer.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, P. H. Barton.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Louis Sands.
Acting Master, P. J. Hargous.
Acting Ensigns, George F. Ford, John W. Lewis, W. W. Meeteer, and R. P. Brown.
Acting Master's Mate, W. D. Burlingame.
Engineers: Second Assistants, W. H. Harrison, H. P. Gregory, and P. H. White; Acting Third Assistants, O. C. Chamberlain and W. F. Blackmore.
Acting Gunner, W. Peter Kin.

RHODE ISLAND, (2d rate.)

Commander, Stephen D. Trenchard.
Lieutenant, Frederick R. Smith.
Assistant Surgeon, E. B. Bingham.
Assistant Paymaster, W. L. Darling.
Acting Masters, Charles O. Niell and Z. L. Fanner.
Acting Ensigns, Nicholas Pratt, R. O. Lanfare, and Samuel Pope.
Acting Master's Mates, John P. Fisher., E. E. Bradbury, H. R. Gardner, George H. Appleton, and R. W. Wallace.
Engineers: Acting Chief, John F. McCutcheon: Acting Second Assistants, J. W. Smith and Charles W. Radill; Acting Third Assistants, Charles W. Rugg, Wm. J. Patterson, William H. McCoy, John A. Hughes, and W. B. Bayley.
Gunner, Henry Hamilton.

CHICKOPEE, (3d rate.)

Commander, A. D. Harrell.
Lieutenant, E. A. Walker.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, G. L. Simpson.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. H. Mulford, jr.
Acting Master, J. D. Wells.
Acting Ensigns, J. A. Crossman and A. D. Henderson.
Acting Master's Mates, C. C. Johnson, J. H. Goodmanson, and J. A. Belcher.
Engineers: First Assistant, F. J. Lovering; Second Assistant, William Pollard; Third Assistants, D. M. Egbert, A. G. Bonsall, and J. B. Upham.
Acting Gunner, W. Back.

NEREUS, (3d rate.)

Commander, J. C. Howell.
Lieutenant, H. E. Mullan.
Acting Master, E. L. Haines.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. K. Walsh.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, B. F. Monroe.
Acting Ensigns, E. G. Dayton, George M. Smith, and George Anderson.
Acting Master's Mates, William Rushmore, W. B. Spencer, H. E. Giraud, and William Gromack.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Stephen Henton; Acting Second Assistants, R. F. Roswald and J. A. Patterson; Acting Third Assistants, T. Tilton, H. J. Allen and R. R. Throckmorton.
Acting Gunner, J. McCoffrey.

MOHICAN, (3d rate.)

Commander, Daniel Ammen.
Lieutenant, J. D. Marvin.
Surgeon. Charles Martin.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. C. Canning.
Acting Master, William Burdett.
Acting Ensigns, B. F. Blair and H. T. Page.
Acting Master's Mates, J. A. Shaffer, J. G. Paine, and Charles P. Cape.
Engineers: First Assistant, H. S. Davids; Second Assistant, John K. Smedley; Acting Second Assistants, Enoch George and Chas. Buckelew; Acting Third Assistants, James O'Herron and William W. Chadwick.
Acting Boatswain, J. B. Aiken.
Acting Gunner, Thomas S. Cassidy.

KEYSTONE STATE, (3d rate.)

Commander, Henry Rolando.
Lieutenant, James P. Robertson.
Acting Masters, L. E. Degan and William T. Buck.
Acting Ensigns, Charles M. Bird, John C. Murphy, Frank E. Ford, and J. T. Ridgway.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, A. E. Emery.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. W. Fairfield.
Acting Master's Mates, D. G. Conger and W. H. Howard.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Pearson L. Fry; Acting Second Assistant, A. B. Kinney; Acting Third Assistants, William Brown, Joseph Smith, J. B. Wilbar, and Charles A. Blake.
Acting Gunner, Daniel L. Briggs.

MENDOTA, (3d rate.)

Commander, Edward T. Nichols.
Acting Masters, Lathrop Wright, Maurice Digard, and Thomas Smith.
Acting Ensigns, W. B. Barnes, R. B. Pray, Isaac Thayer, and R. E. Peck.
Acting Master's Mates, E. S. McDonald and P. Cleary.
Engineers: First Assistant, A. V. Fraser; Second Assistants, B. Bunce and D. Jones; Acting Third Assistants, D. R. McElroy, H. S. Rose, and L. M. Poole.
Acting Gunner, James Cornos.

IOSCO, (3d rate.)

Commander, John Guest.
Lieutenant, Charles L. Franklin.
Acting Ensigns, Wm. Jamison, Ulric Fieldburg, Henry Baker and Paul Ware.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Kirk H. Bancroft.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Louis L. Scovel.
Acting Master's Mates, Theodore A. Comstock, Halsted Hennans, and Charles Peacock.
Engineers: First Assistant, Zephaniah Talbot; Second Assistant, Elijah Laws; Acting Third Assistants, Harvey Clapp, James McNabb, and Charles M. S. Gerry.
Acting Gunner, Theodore M. Benton.

OSCEOLA, (3d rate.)

Commander, John M. B. Clitz.
Lieutenant, J. Weidman.
Assistant Surgeon, George F. Winslow.
Assistant Paymaster, Edward Bellows.
Acting Masters, Edward B. Hussey and Willett Mott.
Acting Ensigns, S. L. LaDieu, J. F. Merry, and F. C. Warner.
Acting Master's Mates, Thomas Rogers, H. G. Robinson, and C. S. Hardy.
Engineers: Acting First Assistant, Thomas McCausland; Acting Second Assistant, Richard Doran; Acting Third Assistants, Robert Berryman, Charles J. Cooper, and E. J. Swords.
Acting Gunner, J. C. Breslyn.

PAWTUXET, (3d rate.)

Commander, James H. Spotts.
Lieutenant, Allen V. Reed.
Acting Ensigns, A. F. West, J. A. Slamm, J. O. Winchester, and P. J. Markoe.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Henry Johnson.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, George A. Emmerson.
Acting Master's Mates, C. H. Bellows, F. Heslerwood, and L. F. Pipanti
Engineers: Second Assistants, A. H. Able, Minor N. Knowlton, and James G. Cooper; Acting Third Assistant, N. G. Vandegrift.
Gunner, J. D. Fletcher.

MACKINAW, (3d rate.)

Commander, J. C. Beaumont.
Acting Master, A. J. Louch.
Acting Ensigns, William H. Penfield, J. T. Blanchard, and Joseph Estes.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, Joseph T. Cottrell.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, Wm. T. Whittmore.
Acting Master's Mates, John A. Thomas, Solomon Barstow, and Ed. K. Green.
Engineers: First Assistant, Jefferson Young; Second Assistant, Daniel A. Sawyer; Third Assistants, R. W. Milligan and Sylvanus McIntyre; Acting Third Assistants, Patrick Hagan and J. W. Reed.
Acting Gunner, Thomas Keer.

R. R. CUYLER, (3d rate.)

Commander, C. H. B. Caldwell.
Lieutenant, J. J. Reed.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, C. D. White.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, A. Wright.
Acting Master, E. Babson.
Acting Ensigns, B. P. Clough, W. H. Mentz, W. L. Hatch, and A. T. Hamblin.
Acting Master's Mate, J. T. Jeffries.
Engineers: Acting Chief; J. B. Williamson; Acting First Assistant, D. L. King; Second Assistants, J. Pollard and T. V. Holt; Acting Third Assistants, A. C. Crocker, J. H. Fuhr, G. W. Young, D. Gilliland, and E. J. Crane.
Acting Gunner, E. P. Palmer.

MATTABESSETT, (3d rate.)

Commander, John C. Febiger.
Lieutenant, A. N. Mitchell.
Acting Masters, J. L. Plunkett and John Fountain.
Acting Ensigns, John Greenhalgh, F. N. Brown, and A. P. Dill.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, S. F. Boyer.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, H. C. Meade.
Acting Master's Mates, A. M. Beck and C. F. Fisher.
Engineers: Second Assistants, J. T. Hawkins, A. Sackett, and C. J. McConnell; Third Assistants, W. A. Mintzer, A. B. Bates, and Isaiah Paxon.
Acting Gunner, William H. Herring.

MASSASOIT, (3d rate.)

Commander, R. T. Renshaw.
Lieutenant, G. W. Sumner.
Acting Masters, H. Renney, C. F. Taylor, and W. C. Williams.
Acting Ensigns, H. Rabadan and Charles Wilson.
Acting Master's Mate, G. A. Burt.
Acting Assistant Surgeon, J. H. Latoon.
Acting Assistant Paymaster, J. H. Stephenson.
Engineers: First Assistant, L. R. Greene; Acting Second Assistants, J. H. Dinsmore and R. K. Morrison; Acting Third Assistants, T. R. Jefferson and William Shehan.
Acting Gunner, William B. Jarvis.

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Source: Register of the Commissioned, Warrant, and Volunteer Officers of the Navy of the United States, Including Officers of the Marine Corps and Others, to January 1, 1865 (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1865).

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