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Officers of Navy Yards, Shore Stations, and Vessels, 1 January 1865

These lists were reproduced from the Register of the Commissioned, Warrant, and Volunteer Officers of the Navy of the United States, Including Officers of the Marine Corps and Others, to January 1, 1865 (Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1865), a rare, official publication of the Navy Department that includes the names of all naval officers, lists of vessels by squadron, and officers of navy yards and shore stations. The information in these lists is deemed reliable, but there may be printer's errors or errors in spelling of names. Exact dates of service for any individual on a specific ship may not be correct if notification of change of personnel was received by the Navy Department after these lists were compiled for publication.

The Navy registers do not include the names of enlisted personnel.

Service records of naval officers usually include their full name, date of appointment, and dates of promotions. They do not include genealogical information such as the names of parents or children, place or date of birth, or other personal information. See Official Service and Medical Records for information on obtaining copies of official Navy service records.

For a guide to locating additional information on Civil War officers and ships, see Researching Naval History.

12 June 1998