U.S. Navy Women's Uniforms


Summer Uniform Blue

Yeoman-F Uniform, US Naval Reserve Force 1918. Summer Uniform Blue consists of a Navy blue "Norfolk" style jacket and skirt. Black straw boater with US Navy hat ribbon. Jacket has World War I Victory medal ribbon. Uniform would also have included a white shirt with closed collar and tie or open collar with black neckerchief, white gloves, black hose, and black shoes.

Yeoman F hat: 68-455-E
Jacket: 70-250-A
Skirt: 70-250-F

Service Dress Blue

Service Dress Blue A Officer with reserve blue shirt, (worn for work). The uniform would also include a combination cap with cover, black gloves, beige hose and black shoes. The addition of reserve blue star above the sleeve stripe was mandated for W-V (S) (commissioned officers appointed for emergency duties) officers on 15th September 1944.

Wave uniform tie: 98-1-AV
Blue Shirt: 2005-74-28
Skirt: 2005-74-30
Jacket: 2005-74-29
Purse: 78-135-J

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