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Tennessee State Library and Archives  
403 Seventh Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37219


Alabama, CSS
Photograph, 1864

Photograph of CSS Alabama harbored in Singapore.

1 item


Berry, Albert G.
Papers, 1865-1910

1 item


Civil War, Confederate and Federal
Collection, 1858-1965

4,500 items and 150 volumes


Foote, Andrew H.
Papers, 1862

Papers of Rear Admiral Andrew Hull Foote are found in the Civil War Federal Collection. 

7 items


Gleaves, Albert
Papers, 1837-1919

300 items


Kearsarge, USS
Papers, 1864

An account of the battle with CSS Alabama, written by a crewmember.  Found in the Civil War Federal Collection.

1 item


McBride, Robert M.
Papers, 1871-1983

Consists of materials relating to the life and career of Robert Martin McBride, genealogist, historian, and editor of the Tennessee Historical  Quarterly, 1966-1980.

5,400 items


Ross, John W.
Papers, 1891-1919

1,500 items


U.S. Navy, Bureau of Personnel
Records, 1943-1945

Biographies of Navy personnel from Tennessee.

500 items


Weems, Philip V.
Papers, 1833-1965

The collection includes material on the Weems System of navigation.

15,000 items


World War II
Collection, 1941-1945

2,000 items

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