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Naval Historical Center, 805 Kidder Breese St SE, Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5060

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The Morgan Library
29 East 36th Street
New York, NY 10016-3403


Jones, John Paul

Autograph letters of John Paul Jones.


Long, John D.

John Davis Long was Secretary of the Navy from 1897-1902.  The collection includes a copy of his book, The New American Navy, which contains 50 letters of naval officers concerning the Spanish-American War.

50 items


New York City

Includes Navy related material

1 item 


Yorke, Joseph
Papers, 1775-1779

Joseph Yorke was the British Ambassador to The Hague.  The collection includes naval documents.

 The Gilder Lehrman Collection, on deposit at the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York City, is one of the largest collections of American historical documents in private hands. Its holdings encompass materials from the first European encounters with the New World to recent events. The Gilder Lehrman Collection exceeds 50,000 items, principally autograph manuscripts and printed documents. It continues to grow. The collection's holdings are deepest in American history from 1760 through 1876.


Adams, John
Papers, 1798-1813


Allen, George D.
Papers, 1859-1864 


Allen, Herman
Papers, 1839


Archer, Edward R.
Papers, 1856-1900 


Bainbridge, William
Papers, 1813 


Barron, James
Papers, 1822 


Barry, John
Papers, 1803


Beckwith, George
Papers, 1781


Bradford, William S.
Papers, 1797

Chauncey, Isaac
Papers, 1839


Clark, Joseph W.
Papers, 1813 


Dagworthy, Mrs.
Papers, 1780


Dahlgren, John A.
Papers, 1862-1870 


Davis, Jefferson
Papers, 1861


Davis, T. J.
Papers, 1945


Denver, James W.
Papers, 1855


Des Barres, Joseph F.
Papers, 1778


Dupont, Samuel F.
Papers, 1863


Early, Jubal A.
Papers, 1873


Eaton, William
Papers, 1804


Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Papers, 1946


Ericsson, John
Papers, 1862


Farragut, David G.
Papers, 1863-1869


Fillmore, Millard
Papers, 1851


Foote, Andrew H.
Papers, 1862


Hamilton, Paul
Papers, 1812 


Hockley, George W.
Papers, 1842 


Hollins, George N.
Papers, 1863 


Hopkins, Esek
Papers, 1781 


Horn, Henry
Papers, 1847


Hull, Isaac
Papers, 1823


Jackson, Andrew
Papers, 1844


Jefferson, Thomas
Papers, 1799-1813


Jenifer, Daniel
Papers, 1773 


Jones, Anson B.
Papers, 1846 


Jones, William
Papers, 1820


Keitt, Lawrence M.
Papers, 1855 


Kell, John M.
Papers, 1859-1861 


Lee, Samuel P.
Papers, 1865


Lincoln, Abraham
Papers, 1862-1864


Lovell, J.L.
Papers, 1861


Madison, James
Papers, 1809-1816


Mallory, Stephen R.
Papers, 1861-1864


Mauger, Joshua
Papers, 1763-1788 

343 items


Maury, William L.
Papers, 1863-1878 


McBlair, William
Papers, 1857-1859 


Mitchell, William E.
Papers, 1924 


Monroe, James
Papers, 1820 


Pierce, Franklin
Papers, 1855 


Perry, Matthew C.
Papers, 1844


Porter, David D.
Papers, 1826


Porter, David D.
Papers, 1862-1864


Preble, Edward
Papers, 1806


Rochambeau, Jean B.
Papers, 1782


Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Papers, 1916-1945


Roosevelt, Theodore
Papers, 1905-1908


Sartine, Antoine R.
Papers, 1775


Semmes, Raphael
Papers, 1846


Sherman, Edwin A.
Papers, 1902


Sherman, William T.
Papers, 1864


Slidell, John
Papers, 1861


Smith, Henry
Papers, 1835


Stoddert, Benjamin
Papers, 1799-


Sullivan, James
Papers, 1778


Taft, J.W.
Photographs, 1863-1864


Taft, William H.
Papers, 1916


Taney, Roger B.
Papers, 1844-1846


Thompson, W. S.
Papers, 1862-1865


Thornton, William
Papers, 1805


Thurman, A.G.
Papers, 1846


Van Buren, Martin
Papers, 1842


Welles, Gideon
Papers, 1911


West, Lewis
Papers, 1861-1865


Whipple, William
Papers, 1776-1777


Wilkes, Jane J.
Papers, 1863


Wilson, Woodrow
Papers, 1918

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