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Naval Historical Center, 805 Kidder Breese St SE, Washington Navy Yard, DC 20374-5060

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Nimitz Library
Special Collections and Archives Division
United States Naval Academy
589 McNair Road
Annapolis, MD 21402-5029


Abbot, Joel
Papers, 1815-1855

25 microfilm reels


Alden, Carroll S.
Papers, 1904-1941

Carroll Storrs Alden was a professor at the Naval Academy from 1904 to 1941.

1 box


Bache, George M.
Papers, 1855-1896

2 boxes


Brown, Wilson
Papers, 1902-1955

7 boxes


Buchanan, Franklin
Papers, 1842-1847

Franklin Buchanan was the first Commandant and Superintendent of the Naval Academy.

2 volumes


Conrad, Robert D.
Papers, 1929-1945

5 feet


Dahlgren, John A.
Papers, 1955

1 volume


Dale, Richard
Papers, 1802

1 volume


DeHaven, Edwin J.
Papers, 1835-1879

2 boxes


Gallery, Daniel V.
Papers, 1870-1977

90 boxes


Goddard, Robert H.
Papers, 1921-1943

Rocketry research notebooks of Robert H. Goddard.

23 volumes


Harmon, George H.
Papers, 1884

Papers of Passed Assistant Surgeon George H. Harmon.

1 volume


Henley, John D.
Papers, 1808-1812

1 volume


Humphreys, Samuel
Papers, 1824-1845

Papers of Chief Naval Constructor Samuel Humphreys.

1 volume


Jones, Richard B.
Papers, 1814-1819

Papers of Richard B. Jones, U.S. Consul at Tripoli.

1 volume and 4 items


Kimmel, Husband E.
Papers, 1938-1968

35 reels of microfilm


Knapp, Harry S.
Papers, 1877-1923

1 box


Michelson, Albert A.
Papers, 1829-1970

Papers of physicist and naval officer Albert Abraham Michelson.

16 feet


Moffett, William A.
Papers, 1869-1933

6 feet


Naval Academy Archives

The William W. Jeffries Memorial Archives collects, preserves, and stores the non-current records of the Naval Academy, and provides services for those records. The central core of the holdings constitute Record Group 405, Records of the United States Naval Academy, part of the holdings of the National Archives and Records Administration. Under the terms of a special agreement with the National Archives, the Naval Academy Archives services these and other Federal records generated at the Academy. Within the Archives are stored the non-current records of the following:

Non-textual records include approximately 25,000 photographs depicting life at the Naval Academy from the 19th century to the present (10,000 available for viewing on a video laser disc); film, videotape, and audio recordings of athletic and other special events; maps illustrating the growth of the Academy; and architectural drawings, including original sketches of architect Ernest Flagg who reconstructed the Academy around the turn of the century. The Archives also houses a large collection of Alumni records containing information on their post-graduate careers.


Perry, Matthew C.
Papers, 1820

1 volume


Phoenix, Lloyd
Papers, 1862-1863

1 volume


Schley, Winfield S.
Papers, 1885-1891

1 volume


Smith, Erastus W.
Papers, 1850-1881

Papers of Erastus Washington Smith, naval engineer.

2 boxes and 1 package


Stewart, Charles
Papers, 1843-1855

1 volume


Vertical File

A collection of miscellaneous items, including biographical and bibliographical materials, clippings, pamphlets, ships’ histories, command histories, and other related items.


Waddell, James I.
Papers, 1863

James I. Waddell served in the Confederate Navy.

1 volume


Welch, George E.
Papers, 1862-1865

1 volume 

Woodhouse, Samuel
Papers, 1823-1839

1 volume

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