WASHINGTON DC 20374-5060

Glossary of Abbreviations and Terms

ACTOV        Accelerated Turnover to the Vietnamese
ACTOVLOG     Accelerated Turnover to the Vietnamese, Logistics
AD           Destroyer Tender
AE           Ammunition Ship
AF           Store Ship
AFDL		   Small Auxiliary Floating Drydock (non-self-propelled)
AFS          Combat Store Ship 
AGC          Amphibious Force Flagship 
AGS          Surveying Ship 
AGSS         Auxiliary Submarine 
AH           Hospital Ship 
AK           Cargo Ship 
AKA          Attack Cargo Ship 
AKD          Cargo Ship, Dock 
AKL          Light Cargo Ship
AKR          Vehicle Cargo Ship
AKS          Stores Issue Ship 
AKV          Aircraft Ferry
AN           Antonov Transport 
AN           Net Laying Ship 
AO           Oiler
AOE          Fast Combat Support Ship 
AOG          Gasoline Tanker
APA          Attack Transport 
APB          Self-propelled Barracks Ship 
APD          High-speed Transport 
APL          Barracks Craft (non-self-propelled)
APSS         Transport Submarine 
AR           Repair Ship
ARG          Amphibious Ready Group
ARG          Internal Combustion Engine Repair Ship
ARL          Landing Craft Repair Ship 
ARS          Salvage Ship 
ARVH         Aircraft Repair Ship (Helicopter)
ARVN         Army of Vietnam
ASPB         Assault Support Patrol Boat 
ASW          Antisubmarine Warfare
ATC          Armored Transport Craft
ATF          Fleet Ocean Tug 
AV           Seaplane Tender 
BB           Battleship 
CA           Heavy Cruiser 
CAG          Guided Missile Heavy Cruiser
CAPT         Captain
CD           Coastal Division
CDR          Commander 
CEC          Civil Engineer Corps 
CGN          Guided Missile Cruiser (nuclear-powered)
CHC          Chaplain Corps 
CIA          Central Intelligence Agency 
CIDG         Civilian Irregular Defense Group 
CINCPAC      Commander in Chief, Pacific
CINCPACAF    Commander in Chief, Pacific Air Force
CINCPACFLT   Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet
CLG          Guided Missile Light Cruiser
CM           Construction Mechanic 
CNO          Chief of Naval Operations
COMNAVFORV   Commander U.S. Naval Forces, Vietnam
COMUSMACV    Commander U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
CTF          Commander Task Force 
CTG          Commander Task Group 
CTU          Commander Task Unit 
CV           Aircraft Carrier 
CVA          Attack Aircraft Carrier 
CVAN         Attack Aircraft Carrier (nuclear-powered)
CVS          Antisubmarine Warfare Support Aircraft Carrier 
CVSQ         Carrier Antisubmarine Warfare Air Group 
D            Australian Destroyer
DAO          Defense Attache Office
DC           Dental Corps 
DD           Destroyer
DDG          Guided Missile Destroyer 
DDR          Radar Picket Destroyer 
DE           Destroyer Escort 
DER          Radar Picket Escort Ship 
DLG          Guided Missile Frigate 
DMZ          Demilitarized Zone 
ENS          Ensign
EOD          Explosive Ordance Disposal 
FOB          Forward Operating Base 
HAL          Helicopter Attack Light Squadron
HM           Helicopter Squadron
HMH          Marine Heavy Lift Helicopter Squadron
HMM          Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron
HMR          Marine Transport Helicopter Squadron
HQ           Vietnamese Navy (derived from the Vietnamese Hai Quan)
HSAS         Headquarters Support Activity, Saigon 
IFS          Inshore Fire Support Ship 
IUWU         Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit 
JCS          Joint Chiefs of Staff
JGS          Joint General Staff 
LARC         Lighter, Amphibious Resupply Cargo 
LCC          Amphibious Command Ship
LCDR 	      Lieutenant Commander
LCM          Landing Craft, Mechanized 
LCM(M)       Landing Craft, Mechanized (Minesweeper)
LCPL         Landing Craft, Personnel, Large
LCU          Landing Craft, Utility
LCVP         Landing Craft, Vehicle and Personnel 
LDNN         South Vietnamese Naval Commandos (derived from the the Vietnamese 
                Lien Doi Nguoi Nhia)
LKA          Amphibious Cargo Ship 
LPD          Amphibious Transport Dock 
LPH          Amphibious Assault Ship 
LPSS         Amphibious Transport Submarine 
LSD          Landing Ship, Dock 
LSIL         Landing Ship, Infantry, Large 
LSM          Landing Ship, Medium
LSMR         Landing Ship, Medium, Rocket 
LSSL         Landing Support Ship, Large
LST          Landing Ship, Tank 
LT           Lieutenant
LTJG         Lieutenant (junior grade)
LVT          Landing Vehicle, Tracked 
MAAG         Military Assistance Advisory Group 
MACV         Military Assistance Command, Vietnam 
MAJ          Major 
MiG          Russian-made Fighter Aircraft
MLMS         Minesweeping Launch 
MRF          Mobile Riverine Force 
MSB          Minesweeping Boat 
MSC          Military Sealift Command 
MSF          Minesweeper, Fleet
MSO          Minesweeper, Ocean 
MSS          Minesweeper, Special 
MSTS         Military Sea Transportation Service 
NAG          Naval Advisory Group 
NAVFORV      Naval Forces, Vietnam 
NC           Nurse Corps 
NHC          Naval Historical Center
NILO         Naval Intelligence Liaison Officer 
NMCB         Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 
NSA          Naval Support Activity
NVA          North Vietnamese Army
PACV         Patrol Air Cushion Vehicle 
PBR          River Patrol Boat 
PC           Submarine Chaser 
PCE          Escort 
PCER         Rescue Escort 
PCF          Fast Patrol Craft 
PG           Patrol Gunboat 
PGH          Patrol Gunboat Hydrofoil
PGM          Motor Gunboat
PIRAZ        Positive Identification Radar Advisory Zone
POL          Petroleum, Oil, Lubricants
POW          Prisoner of War 
PT           Motor Torpedo Boat 
PTF          Fast Patrol Boat 
RAG          River Assault Group 
RAID         Riverine Assault Interdiction Division 
RCVSQ        Readiness Carrier Antisubmarine Warfare Air Group
RCVW         Readiness Attack Carrier Air Wing  
RID          River Interdicton Division 
RPC          River Patrol Craft
RPG          River Patrol Group
RPG          Rocket Propelled Grenade
R&R     	   Rest and Recuperation  
RVAH         Reconnaissance Attack Squadron 
RVN          Republic of Vietnam 
RVNAF        Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces 
SAM          Surface to Air Missile
SAR          Search and Rescue 
SC           Submarine Chaser  
SC           Supply Corps 
SCATTOR      Small Craft Assets, Training, and Turnover of Resources
Seabee       Naval Construction Battalion Personnel 
SEAL         Naval Commando
SEALORDS     Southeast Asia, Lake, Ocean, River, Delta Strategy
SEATO        Southeast Asia Treaty Organization 
SERVPAC      Service Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet 
SLF          Special Landing Force 
SS           Steamship 
SS           Submarine 
STAB         SEAL Team Assault Boat 
STAB         Strike Team Assault Boat
STAT         Seabee Technical Assistance Team 
STCAN/FOM    French-designed River Patrol Craft 
T            Prefix for USNS
UDT          Underwater Demolition Team 
USA          U.S. Army
USAF         U.S. Air Force 
USCG         U.S. Coast Guard
USMC         U.S. Marine Corps 
USN          U.S. Navy
USNR         U.S. Naval Reserve
USNS         U.S. Naval Ship 
VA           Attack Squadron 
VAH          Heavy Attack Squadron 
VAL          Light Attack Squadron 
VAP          Heavy Photographic Squadron 
VAQ          Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron
VAW          Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 
VC           Viet Cong 
VF           Fighter Squadron
VFP          Light Photographic Squadron
VFR          Refrigerated Covered Lighter (self-propelled)
VMA          Marine Attack Squadron
VMF          Marine Fighter Squadron 
VNAF         Vietnamese Air Force 
VNN          Vietnamese Navy
VP           Patrol Squadron 
VQ           Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron
VR           Air Transport Squadron
VRC          Air Transport Squadron
VSF          Antisubmarine Fighter Squadron
WPB          82-Foot Coast Guard Cutter 
WHEC         Coast Guard High Endurance Cutter 
YC           Open Lighter
YFRN         Refrigerated Covered Lighter (non self-propelled)
YFU          Harbor Utility Craft (self-propelled)
YMS          Auxiliary Motor Minesweeper 
YOG          Gasoline Barge (self-propelled)
YRBM         Repair, Berthing, and Messing Barge (non-self-propelled)
YTB          Large Harbor Tug 
YTL          Small Harbor Tug

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26 October 1997