USS Solace (1898-1930, later AH-2)

USS Solace, a 5700-ton hospital ship, was built as the merchant steamer Creole in 1897 at Newport News, Virginia. Acquired by the Navy in April 1898, she carried sick and wounded servicemen from Cuba to the United States during the Spanish-American War.

In 1899, Solace steamed to Europe and continued eastward through Asiatic waters to San Francisco Bay. She remained in the Pacific, mainly as a transport, until 1908, when she was ordered to the Atlantic. Solace was an Atlantic Fleet Hospital Ship from 1909 until decommissioned in July 1921. Designated AH-2 in 1920, the ship was retained in reserve until 1930, when she was sold for scrapping.

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USS Solace (1898-1930)

Off the Mare Island Navy Yard, 1 July 1899.

Collection of Rear Admiral Ammen Farenholt, USN(MC).

NHHC Collection

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