USS Relief (1908-1919)
Renamed Repose in 1918

USS Relief, a 3300-ton hospital ship, was built in 1896 at Chester, Pennsylvania, as the commercial passenger ship John Englis. In 1898 she became the U.S. Army Hospital Ship Relief and retained that name when she was transferred to the Navy in November 1902.

Relief was laid up from then until February 1908, when she was commissioned. After brief operations along the U.S. and Mexican west coasts, she accompanied the "Great White Fleet" across the Pacific until she was detached at Olongapo, Philippine Islands, in November 1908. On 18-19 November, while beginning a return voyage to the U.S., Relief was seriously damaged in a typhoon and had to return to Olongapo. Surveyed and found unseaworthy, she spent the next decade there as a stationary hospital ship and dispensary. Her name was changed to Repose in April 1918. Sold in May 1919, she subsequently had a long career as a merchant ship in the China and Philippine areas.

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Photo #: NH 50040

USS Relief (1908-1919)

Photographed circa 1908.

NHHC Collection

Online Image: 118KB; 740 x 610

The number "28-5-7" in the lower right of this photo is an old Bureau of Construction & Repair file number. It is not a date.

Photo #: NH 69821

USS Pike
(Submarine # 6)

At the Mare Island Navy Yard, California, circa 1908.
Two Paul Jones class destroyers are in the center background. Ship in the right distance is USS Relief (1908-1919).

Courtesy of Donald M. McPherson, 1969.

NHHC Collection

Online Image: 97KB; 740 x 585

Photo #: NH 71580

USS Relief (1908-1919)

At the Olongapo Naval Station, Philippine Islands, while serving as stationary hospital ship, circa 1909-1919.

Courtesy of Donald M. McPherson, 1970.

NHHC Collection

Online Image: 115KB; 740 x 615


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