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Photo # NH 85160: USS PCS-1391, photographed circa 1945-1946

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USS PCS-1391 (1944-1948).
Later redesignated PCSC-1391

USS PCS-1391, a 136-foot submarine chaser, was built at City Island, New York. Commissioned at the end of February 1944, she briefly performed antisubmarine and escort duties in the Caribbean before transiting the Panama Canal to join the Pacific Fleet. While en route to the war zone, she was fitted for use as a control vessel during amphibious operations, changes which resulted in redesignation as PCSC-1391 about a year later, in August 1945.

In October 1944 PCS-1391 took part in the Leyte invasion, escorting and controlling landing craft on their way to the landing beach. She performed similar work during the Lingayen Gulf operation in January 1945. At Okinawa at the beginning of April PCS-1391 carried the Commanding General of the First Marine Division during the initial assault landings. The rest of World War II was spent on landing craft direction service off Okinawa, and on patrol and escort duties in the central and western Pacific. Between September 1945 and January 1946 PCSC-1391 was engaged in the occupation of Japan. Decommissioned following her return to the United States, the submarine chaser was transferred to the Maritime Commission in April 1948 and sold.

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Photo #: NH 85160

USS PCS-1391

Photographed circa 1945-1946.

Courtesy of William H. Davis, 1977.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

Online Image: 58KB; 740 x 485 pixels


USS PCS-1391 is visible in the center distance of the following photograph:

Photo #: 80-G-K-16204 (Color)

Okinawa Campaign, 1945

Shipping in an Okinawa harbor, as seen from the beach in May 1945.
Most ships present appear to be amphibious types. USS PCS-1391 is just to the right of exact center, with USS LCI(L)-77 partially hidden behind her bow.
Photographed by Thomas Binford, USNR.

Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives.

Online Image: 103KB; 740 x 605 pixels

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If you want higher resolution reproductions than the digital images presented here, see: "How to Obtain Photographic Reproductions."

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