USS Paul Jones (1862-1867)

USS Paul Jones, a 1210-ton "double-ender" side-wheel steam gunboat built at Baltimore, Maryland, was commissioned in 1862. From July of that year into mid-1864 she served with the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron off the coasts of east Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Paul Jones participated in bombardments of Confederate fortifications on the Ogeechee River, Georgia, in July and at Saint John's Bluff, Florida, in September 1862. During 1863, she captured or helped capture two blockade running sailing vessels and took part in the July attacks on Fort Wagner, near Charleston, S.C.

Out of commission for repairs between August 1864 and April 1865, she served for the next two years in the Gulf of Mexico. USS Paul Jones decommissioned and was sold in July 1867.

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Photo #: NH 42863

USS Paul Jones (1862-1867)

Photographed by Byron, New York, possibly after the end of the Civil War.

Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph

Online Image: 79KB; 740 x 605 pixels

Photo #: NH 42864

USS Paul Jones (1862-1867)

Painting by W.R. May.

Courtesy of Charles H. Taylor, 1930.

Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph

Online Image: 95KB; 740 x 575 pixel


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