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USS Porter (DD-59), 1916-1934

USS Porter (DD-59), a 1205-ton destroyer of the Tucker class, was the Navy's second ship of that name. She was built at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, by William Cramp & Sons in 1914-16. In May 1917, she was one of the first group of U.S. Navy destroyers to arrive in European waters for war service and remained active in the North Atlantic throughout World War I.

The Navy decommissioned Porter in 1922, but she reentered service as a U.S. Coast Guard patrol ship in 1924, serving in that role to the end of the Prohibition era. Returned to the Navy in 1933, Porter was scrapped the following year.

USS Porter (DD-59) was named in honor of Commodore David Porter, USN (1780-1843) and his son, Admiral David Dixon Porter, USN (1813-1891).

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Photo #: NH 60564

USS Porter (DD-59)

Photographed while making 29 knots on trials, headed south at 2:22 PM, 8 March 1916.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

Online Image: 62,398 bytes; 740 x 645 pixels

Photo #: KN-215 (Color)

Return of the Mayflower, 4 May 1917

Oil on canvas by Bernard F. Gribble, circa 1918, depicting the arrival off Queenstown, Ireland, of the first U.S. Navy destroyers to reach the European war zone for World War I service. The ships were under the command of Commander Joseph K. Taussig, USN. USS Wadsworth (DD-60) leads the line of destroyers, followed by USS Porter (DD-59), USS Davis (DD-65) and three others. A local fishing vessel is under sail in the left foreground.

Courtesy of the U.S. Naval Academy Museum, Annapolis, MD.
USNA Museum Accession # 21.9, gift of the Navy Department, 1921.

Online Image: 74,132 bytes; 740 x 515 pixels

Reproductions of this image may also be available through the National Archives photographic reproduction system as Photo # 428-KN-215

Photo #: NH 60424

USS Porter (DD-59)

Arriving at Queenstown, Ireland, on 4 May 1917, as part of the first U.S. Navy force to reach European waters for World War I service.

Courtesy of James C. Russell.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

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Photo #: NH 42647

USCGC Porter (CG-7)

Photographed circa 1924-30, while operating to support the enforcement of Prohibition laws as a unit of the U.S. Coast Guard. She was originally USS Porter (DD-59).
Note what appears to be a large radio direction finder amidships.

Courtesy of the Commandant of the Coast Guard, 1930.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

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