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USS Indianapolis (CA-35), 1932-1945, Selected Views

USS Indianapolis, a 9,800-ton Portland class heavy cruiser, was built at Camden, New Jersey. Commissioned in November 1932, she operated in the Atlantic and Pacific during the peacetime years. During the 1930s, she hosted President Franklin D. Roosevelt on several occasions, among them a voyage to South America in November and December 1936.

Following the U.S. entry into World War II, Indianapolis operated with carrier task forces in the southwestern Pacific until Spring 1942, when she took up station in the Alaska area. She served there for over a year, sinking a Japanese transport in February 1943. Later in 1943, Indianapolis became Fifth Fleet flagship. In that role, into mid-1944, she took part in operations to capture the Gilberts, Marshalls and Marianas, plus strikes on Japanese positions elsewhere in the central Pacific. She also participated in the Peleliu invasion in September 1944.

In February and March 1945, Indianapolis, again flagship of the Fifth Fleet, joined in attacks on Iwo Jima, the Japanese home islands and the Ryukyus. During the latter operation, on 31 March 1945, she was damaged by a Kamikaze plane. In late July, following repairs, Indianapolis made a high speed transit from California to Tinian to deliver atomic bomb components. She then sailed for the Philippines. Shortly after midnight on 30 July 1945 she was torpedoed by the Japanese submarine I-58 and sank quickly. Due to communications and other errors, her loss went unnoticed until survivors were seen from a passing aircraft on 2 August. Rescue efforts over several days saved only about a quarter of her nearly 1200-man crew.

This page features a special selection of views of and on board USS Indianapolis, taken throughout her career.

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    Photo #: NH 53230

    USS Indianapolis (CA-35)

    At Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, circa 1937.

    U.S. Naval History & Heritage Command Photograph.

    Online Image: 65KB; 740 x 515 pixels

    Photo #: NH 53589

    USS Indianapolis (CA-35)

    Silhouetted against the sun, while at sea during the 1930s.

    U.S. Naval History & Heritage Command Photograph.

    Online Image: 80KB; 740 x 480 pixels

    Photo #: NH 94640

    USS Indianapolis (CA-35)

    At Cold Bay, Alaska, October 1942.

    Collection of Vice Admiral Robert C. Giffen, USN.

    U.S. Naval History & Heritage Command Photograph.

    Online Image: 63KB; 740 x 590 pixels

    Photo #: 19-N-86911

    USS Indianapolis (CA-35)

    Off the Mare Island Navy Yard, California, 10 July 1945, after her final overhaul and repair of combat damage.

    Photograph from the Bureau of Ships Collection in the U.S. National Archives.

    Online Image: 56KB; 740 x 515 pixels

    Reproductions may also be available through the National Archives.

    Photo #: 80-G-231838

    Invasion of Saipan, June 1944

    LVTs move toward the beach, past bombarding cruisers, on "D-Day", 15 June 1944.
    Cruiser firing in the background is USS Indianapolis (CA-35), flagship of Fifth Fleet commander Admiral Raymond A. Spruance.
    Photographed from USS Birmingham (CL-62).

    Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives.

    Online Image: 104KB; 740 x 615 pixels

    Reproductions may also be available through the National Archives.

    Photo #: NH 68037

    USS Indianapolis (CA-35)

    Scene in the ship's pilothouse, late November 1936, as she carried President Franklin D. Roosevelt on his "Good Neighbor" cruise to South America. Indianapolis' Commanding Officer, Captain Henry Kent Hewitt, is seated in left center.

    Courtesy of the Naval Historical Foundation, collection of Rear Admiral Paul H. Bastedo, USN.

    U.S. Naval History & Heritage Command Photograph.

    Online Image: 69KB; 740 x 610 pixels

    Photo #: NH 70293

    USS Indianapolis (CA-35)

    Ship's complement and flag contingent posed on the forecastle and forward 8" turrets and superstructure, while anchored at Berth Number One, Long Beach, California, in the last half of 1937.
    Seated in the front row, center, is Vice Admiral William T. Tarrant, Commander, Scouting Force, U.S. Fleet.
    To his left, also in front row, is Captain Thomas C. Kinkaid, Commanding Officer of USS Indianapolis.
    Donation of Captain Fred W. Conner, USMC(Retired), 1970.

    U.S. Naval History & Heritage Command Photograph.

    Online Image: 111KB; 740 x 615 pixels


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