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Photo # NH 99403:  USS Grenadier off Portsmouth, N.H., December 1941

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USS Grenadier (SS-210), 1941-1943

USS Grenadier, a 1475-ton Tambor class submarine, was built at the Portsmouth Navy Yard, Kittery, Maine. Commissioned at the beginning of May 1941, she spent the rest of the year in the western Atlantic and Caribbean. Following an overhaul, in late December she left Portsmouth to go to the Pacific, where war with Japan had begun earlier that month. Her first war patrol, out of Pearl Harbor, took her to Japanese home waters in February and March 1942, but produced no positive results. On her second, in the East China Sea during April and May, Grenadier torpedoed and sank the 14,500 ton transport Taiyo Maru, then ended the cruise with picket line duty during the Battle of Midway in early June. She operated in the central Pacific during her third war patrol in the summer of 1942, then went on to her new base at Fremantle, Australia.

Grenadier laid a minefield off Haiphong, Indochina, during an otherwise fruitless fourth combat cruise in October-December 1942. She sank a couple of small enemy vessels during her next war patrol, in Indochina and northern East Indies waters in January and February 1943. Sent to the shallow Strait of Malacca for her sixth patrol, beginning in March, Grenadier was attacked by Japanese aircraft while approaching a convoy on 21 April and badly damaged by a bomb explosion after submerging. Her crew struggled to make her seaworthy, but her propeller shafts were so badly bent that she could not get underway, and she had to be scuttled when enemy ships approached on 22 April 1943. Grenadier's entire complement was picked up by the Japanese, who employed prolonged torture in an unsuccessful effort to extract intelligence information. Four of her men died as prisoners of war before the rest were freed following Japan's surrender more than two years later.

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Photo #: NH 99403

USS Grenadier

Off Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 27 December 1941.

Official U.S. Navy Photograph, from the collections of the Naval Historical Center.

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Photo #: NH 91225

USS Grenadier

Ship's Sponsor, Mrs. Walter A. Anderson, with other members of the launching party, during Grenadier's christening ceremonies at the Portsmouth Navy Yard, Kittery, Maine, 29 November 1940.
Those present are identified in Photo # NH 91225 (complete caption).

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

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