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USS Georgiana III (SP-83), 1917-1918

USS Georgiana III, a 95-foot patrol vessel, was built in 1916 at Wilmington, Delaware, as the 82 ton motor pleasure boat of the same name. In early May 1917 the Navy acquired her from Edward T. Stotesbury of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Placed in commission later in that month and converted for Naval service, Georgiana III served for the rest of World War I in the Delaware Bay area, between New Jersey and Delaware. She was decommissioned at the end of November 1918 and returned to her owner.

This page features the only views we have concerning USS Georgiana III (SP-83).

Photo #: NH 107066

USS Georgiana III (SP-83)

In a floating dry dock, circa 1917-1918. Location is probably Camden, New Jersey
Note the harbor tug also in the dry dock, astern of Georgiana III.
Copied from the Donald R. Cochran album (Lot S-591), page 3.

U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.

Online Image: 149KB; 900 x 680 pixels

Photo #: NH 53728

USS Georgiana III (SP-83)

At anchor, circa 1917-1918.

U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.

Online Image: 78KB; 900 x 530 pixels


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