Names beginning with the letter Q

This page lists all Q -named Civilian Ships whose pictures are available through the Online Library.

If the ship you want is not listed on this page, contact the Photographic Section concerning other research options.


Q -named ships are listed below in alphabetical order.

  • Quaker City (Steamship, built 1854). Later USS Quaker City
  • Quebec, City of (Steamship, 1863-1870). Properly called City of Quebec Previously named Thistle and Dumbarton
  • Queen Maeve (Tanker, 1902). Previously named Pennoil, Gargoyle, and Oswego. Later renamed Petroil and Zenobia Martini
  • Quevilly (French Sailing Bark, 1897). Later renamed Deodata
  • Quest (Motor Boat, 1916). Previously named Whippet
  • Quezada, Marina (Costa Rican Freighter, 1909). Properly called Marina Quezada

  • Qui Vive (Motor Boat, 1916)
  • Quickstep (Steam Yacht, 1903). Also named Florence

For higher resolution images see: Obtaining Photographic Reproductions

To the best of our knowledge, the pictures referenced here are all in the Public Domain, and can therefore be freely downloaded and used for any purpose.

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