Names beginning with the letter O

This page lists all O -named Civilian Ships whose pictures are available through the Online Library.

If the ship you want is not listed on this page, contact the Photographic Section concerning other research options.


O -named ships are listed below in alphabetical order.

  • Oakland (Freighter, 1918)
  • Oakey L. Alexander (Collier, 1915). Previously named Franklin and Nevadan
  • O'Boyle, Anna (Barge, 1903). Properly called Anna O'Boyle

  • Oceana (Freighter, 1910). Previously named Himalaia and Kermanshah. Later renamed Nymphe and Kalliopi
  • Ockenfels (American, ex-German, Freighter, 1910). Renamed Pequot in 1917
  • Ocoee (Motor Boat, 1911)
  • O'Connor, Charles (Barge, active circa 1918-1919). Properly called Charles O'Connor
  • Odenwald (German Freighter, 1904). Previously named Saint Jan. Later renamed Arctic
  • Offerman, C. (Tug, 1892). Properly called C. Offerman
  • O'Hagan, John J. (Freighter, 1918). Properly called John J. O'Hagan

  • Old Colony (Coastal Passenger Ship, 1907)
  • Old Dominion (Seagoing Barge, 1872)
  • Olinda (Barge, active in San Francisco Bay, California, 1918)
  • Oliver Olson (Freighter, 1918). Previously named Point Bonita and San Pedro
  • Olsen, John G. (Harbor Tug, 1916). Properly called John G. Olsen
  • Olsen, John S. (Harbor Tug, circa 1917). Properly called John S. Olsen
  • Olson, Oliver (Freighter, 1918). Properly called Oliver Olson

  • Oneida (Steam Yacht, 1883). Previously named Utowana and later renamed Adelante
  • Oneida (Steam Yacht, 1897)
  • Oneonta (Tug, 1910)
  • Ono (Motor Boat, 1908)
  • Onondaga (Steam Yacht, built 1882 & enlarged 1902). Previously named Sophia and Empress. Later renamed Turbese and Reposo II
  • Ontario (Freighter, 1900). Previously named Heathcraig, Hampton, Haugarland, Winnebago and Fie Jensen
  • Onward (Steamship, 1863). Later renamed General Grant
  • Onward (Steam Yacht, 1906). Previously named Galatea and Ungava
  • Onward II (Motor Boat, in use in 1917)

  • Oosterdijk (Dutch Passenger-Cargo Ship, 1913)
  • Ophelie (Sail and Steam Yacht, 1896). Also named Xarifa
  • Ophir (Dutch Passenger-Cargo Ship, 1904)
  • Ora Belle (Motor Boat, 1911). Later renamed Dolphin
  • O'Riorden, Joseph (Harbor Tug, 1893). Properly called Joseph O'Riorden
  • Orca (Steam Yacht, 1901). Previously named Monaloa
  • Oregonian (Freighter, 1901)
  • Ørland (Freighter, 1917). Previously named War Banner, Lake Worth and Amberstone.

  • Osborn, Chase S. (Tug, 1906). Properly called Chase S. Osborn
  • Oskaloosa (Freighter, 1918).
  • Oskawa (Refrigerated Cargo Ship, 1918). Later renamed Empire Raven and Southern Raven
  • Osprey II (Motor Boat, in use in 1917)
  • Oswego (Tanker, 1902). Previously named Pennoil and Gargoyle. Later renamed Queen Maeve, Petroil and Zenobia Martini

  • Otsego (Passenger-Cargo Ship, 1901). Originally named Prinz Eitel Friedrich
  • Otto (Freighter, 1918). Previously named Lake Sunapee, Frank Lynch and Nestor. Later renamed Irish Willow and Veraguas
  • Owaissa (Motor Boat, 1912)
  • Owera (Steam Yacht, 1907)
  • Ozaukee (Freighter, 1918)

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To the best of our knowledge, the pictures referenced here are all in the Public Domain, and can therefore be freely downloaded and used for any purpose.

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