Names beginning with the letter K

This page lists all K -named Civilian Ships whose pictures are available through the Online Library.

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K -named ships are listed below in alphabetical order.

  • K.I. Luckenbach (Freighter, 1918)

  • Kadio S. (Freighter, 1917). Previously named War Fox, Lake Forest, Venetier, Tabakhandel, Este, Chollin, Rafael Aritzia, San Patricio and Mary V.
  • Kahkin IV (Motor Boat, 1909). Previously named Howmornel and later named Polly.
  • Kaiser Wilhelm II (German Passenger Liner, 1903)
  • Kajeruna (Steam Yacht, 1902). Previously named Hauoli and Seminole
  • Kalliopi (Freighter, 1910). Previously named Himalaia, Kermanshah, Oceana and Nymphe

  • Kama (Soviet Freighter, 1918). Previously named Lake Helen, York and Skogvik
  • Kamesit (Freighter, 1918)
  • Kamilla Rickmers (German Freighter, 1914). Later renamed Ticonderoga
  • Kanawha II (Steam Yacht, 1899)
  • Kanised (Motor Boat, 1909). Previously named Tuscanola and Nahmeoka
  • Kangaroo (Motor Boat, 1917). Originally named Herreshoff Hull # 316
  • Kansan (Cargo Ship, 1918-1955). Originally named Santa Olivia

  • Karibou (Motor Boat, 1913). Previously named Lebanon
  • Karl-Erik (Finnish Freighter, 1918). Previously named War Compass, Aurora, Carabinier, Yzerhandel, Belgica, Haarfagre and Helmi L.
  • Katherine K. (Harbor Tug, 1894)
  • Katharine R. (Steam Yacht, 1898). Previously named Katoomba, Rivera and Emeline
  • Katie (Motor Boat, 1916)
  • Katoomba (Steam Yacht, 1898). Later renamed Rivera, Emeline and Katharine R.
  • Katrina (Steam Boat, 1913).
  • Katrina Luckenbach (Freighter, 1918)

  • Kelpie (Small Steamer, in service circa 1902)
  • Kelvina (Freighter, 1918-1943). Previously named Deerfield. Later renamed Mathew Luckenbach
  • Kentuckian (Freighter, 1910)
  • Kent, U.S. (Motor Boat, in use before 1917). Properly called U.S. Kent. Was named Nelansu by May 1917

  • Keresan (Freighter, 1912). Originally named Erodiade
  • Kermanshah (Freighter, 1910). Originally named Himalaia. Later renamed Oceana, Nymphe and Kalliopi
  • Kermoor (Freighter, 1907). Originally named Morawitz. Later named Morawitz and Purley Oaks
  • Kestrel II (Motor Yacht, 1912)
  • Kethailes (Steam Yacht, 1897). Later renamed Wanderer
  • Kettering, Robin (Freighter, 1941). Properly called Robin Kettering
  • Keystone State (Steamship, 1853-1879). Later USS Keystone State and S.S. San Francisco

  • Kiautschou (German and American Passenger Liner, 1900). Later renamed Princess Alice, Princess Matoika, President Arthur and City of Honolulu
  • Kiel (German Freighter, 1900)
  • Killarney (Motor Boat, 1910)
  • Kinai Maru (Japanese Freighter, 1930-1943)
  • King, Bertell W. (Barge, 1901). Properly called Bertell W. King
  • Knickerbocker (Harbor Tug, 1873)
  • Kiowa (Freighter, 1917)

  • Koffiehandel (Freighter, 1917). Previously named Lakeside and Sicilier. Later renamed Cap Fedhala andVirginia
  • Koningin der Nederlanden (Dutch Passenger Liner, 1911)
  • Kopara (New Zealand Cargo Ship, 1938)
  • König Wilhelm II (German Passenger Liner, 1907)
  • Koshin Maru (Freighter, 1917). Name also transliterated as Kosin Maru. Previously named War Penguin, Lakeport, Danubier and Houthandel

  • Kronprinz Wilhelm (German Passenger Liner, 1901)
  • Kronprinzessin Cecilie (German Passenger Liner, 1906)
  • Kroonland (American Passenger Liner, 1902)

  • Kuper, Charles P. (Tug, 1892). Properly called Charles P. Kuper

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To the best of our knowledge, the pictures referenced here are all in the Public Domain, and can therefore be freely downloaded and used for any purpose.

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