Names beginning with the letter I

This page lists all I -named Civilian Ships whose pictures are available through the Online Library.

If the ship you want is not listed on this page, contact the Photographic Section concerning other research options.


I -named ships are listed below in alphabetical order.

  • I.J. Merritt (Salvage Ship, 1919)
  • Ice King (Refrigerated Cargo Ship, 1918). Previously named Passaic. Later named Georgian and Hilton
  • Idylease (Motor Boat, 1916)
  • Ildico IV (Motor Boat, 1909). Later renamed Shark
  • Illawarra (Steam Yacht, 1896). Later renamed Henry P. Williams
  • Imperator (German Passenger Liner, 1913). Later the British liner Berengaria
  • Imperial (Fishing Boat, in service on the U.S. West Coast during the 1910s)

  • Independence (Freighter, 1918)
  • Indiana (Freighter, 1917). Previously named Nikkosan Maru. Later named Western Front
  • Invincible (Freighter, 1918). Originally named War Rock. Later renamed Empire Porpoise, Chrysanthemum, Chryss and Athlit
  • Intercolonial (Steam Yacht, 1901). Previously named Revolution and Wacondah
  • Ionita (Motor Boat, 1914)
  • Iowan (Freighter, 1914). Renamed Tashkent, 1942

  • Irene (Steamship, 1867-1895 or later). Originally the blockade runner Banshee
  • Iris (Anglo-American Freighter, 1885). Originally named Dryden
  • Irish Willow (Freighter, 1918). Previously named Lake Sunapee, Frank Lynch, Nestor and Otto. Later renamed Veraguas
  • Ironsides (Steamship, 1859-1873). Named Philadelphia until 1869
  • Iroquois (Passenger-Cargo Ship, 1894). Previously named Wittekind. Renamed Freedom, 1918
  • Irwin (Passenger Ship, 1918). Previously named Santa Ana, Guatamala and Santa Cecilia.

  • Isaac L. Rice (Accomodation Barge)
  • Isaac T. Mann (Collier, 1917). Originally named Tidewater
  • Isabela (Freighter, 1911)
  • Isanti (Freighter, 1918)
  • Isle of Surry (Freight Boat, 1911)
  • Itasca (Cargo Ship, 1905). Formerly named Setos and later renamed Honolulu
  • Itasca (Motor Boat, 1908)
  • Itty E (Motor Boat, 1916)
  • Ivins, Dewitt C. (Tug, in service in 1919). Properly called Dewitt C. Ivins

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To the best of our knowledge, the pictures referenced here are all in the Public Domain, and can therefore be freely downloaded and used for any purpose.

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