Names beginning with the letter F

This page lists all F -named Civilian Ships whose pictures are available through the Online Library.

If the ship you want is not listed on this page, contact the Photographic Section concerning other research options.


F -named ships are listed below in alphabetical order.

  • F.H. Wickett (Tanker, 1918). Previously named E.L. Doheny, Third. Later renamed and E.G. Seubert
  • F.J. Luckenbach (Freighter, 1917)

  • Fairfax (Schooner, active on the Potomac River, 1861)
  • Fairmont (Collier, 1918)
  • Favorite (Salvage Tug, 1907)

  • Federal (Freighter, 1918)
  • Felicia (Steam Yacht, 1898)
  • Felix Taussig (Freighter, 1917). Later renamed Ata

  • Fidelia (Freighter, 1918). Previously named War Swift, Lake Weston, Panaghis Vergottis, Strand, Rundo, Salt and Solbritt
  • Fie Jensen (Freighter, 1900). Previously named Heathcraig, Hampton, Haugarland and Winnebago. Later renamed Ontario
  • Fillmore, President (Passenger Liner, 1899). Properly called President Fillmore
  • Finland (Passenger Liner, 1902)

  • Flag (Steamship, 1857-1876). Originally named Phineas Sprague
  • Florence (Steam Yacht, 1903). Also named Quickstep
  • Florida (American Steamship, 1850)
  • Floridian (American Freighter, 1915)
  • Floridian (Refrigerated Cargo Ship, 1918). Previously named Stian and Muscatine. Later renamed Elizabeth
  • Flying Enterprise (Cargo Ship, 1944-1952), originally named Cape Kumukaki

  • Foam (Steam Trawler, 1910)
  • Foo Ming (Chinese Freighter, 1916). Previously named Levisa and Bjerka
  • Fort Wayne (Freighter, 1918)
  • Fortune (Freighter, 1919-1958). Previously named Santa Malta and Hawaiian
  • Fox, J.M. (Freighter, 1917). Properly called J.M. Fox

  • Frances II (Motor Boat, 1915). Later renamed Jimetta
  • Franconia (Austrian Cargo Ship, 1903). Later USS Keresaspa (ID # 1484)
  • Frank H. Buck (Tanker, 1914)
  • Frank Lynch (Freighter, 1918). Originally named Lake Sunapee. Later renamed Nestor, Otto, Irish Willow and Veraguas
  • Franklin (Collier, 1915). Later renamed Nevadan and Oakey L. Alexander
  • Frasch, Herman (Bulk Carrier, 1910). Properly called Herman Frasch

  • Freedom (Passenger-Cargo Ship, 1894). Previously named Wittekind and Iroquois
  • Free Lance (Steam Yacht, 1895). Later renamed Freelance
  • Fresno (Freighter, 1918)
  • Frieda (Bulk Carrier, 1913). Later renamed Peh Shan, Norse Carrier and Sana Maru
  • Friedrich, Prinz Eitel (German Passenger-Cargo Ship, 1901). Properly called Prinz Eitel Friedrich
  • Friedrich, Prinz Eitel (Passenger Steamer, 1904). Properly called Prinz Eitel Friedrich

  • Fulton, Leslie J. (Fishing Boat, 1936)

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To the best of our knowledge, the pictures referenced here are all in the Public Domain, and can therefore be freely downloaded and used for any purpose.

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