World War I era Women Yeomen Group Photographs
Views taken in Gulf Coast States

This page features views of formal and informal groups of Women Yeomen (F) in Gulf Coast States.

Other group photographs of World War I era Women Yeomen (F)

Additional images World War I era Women Yeomen (F) - Overview and Special Image Selection

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Photo #: NH 65456

Yeomen (F)

Assigned to Algiers, Louisiana, during World War I.
The United China and Glass Company is in the left background.

Courtesy of Mrs. Florence Levy, 1968.

NHHC Collection

Online Image: 115KB; 740 x 610

Photo #: NH 53043

Naval Station, New Orleans, Louisiana

Officers, enlisted personnel and civilian staff of the Station's Industrial Department, 1918.
Yeomen (F) are in the front row.

NHHC Collection

Online Image: 239KB; 740 x 605

Photo #: NH 53167

Yeomen (F)

Attached to the Industrial Department, U.S. Naval Station, New Orleans, Louisiana, during World War I.
Their hatbands are marked "U.S. Naval Reserve Force".
See Photo #: NH 53167 (Complete Caption) for identification of those present, as provided by Mabel Tolley Snyder in September 1972.

NHHC Collection

Online Image: 127KB; 740 x 625


For higher resolution images see: Obtaining Photographic Reproductions

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