World War I Yeomen (F)
Uniforms - White Jacket & Skirt

This page features views of individual Yeomen (F), wearing the Summer white jacket and skirt uniform.

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Photo #: NH 65510

Yeoman (F) First Class Amalie M. Townsley, USNRF

In white summer dress uniform, circa 1919.
She enlisted as a Landsman, Yeoman (F), U.S. Naval Reserve Force, on 8 October 1918 and served at the Naval Hospital, Naval Base, Algiers, Louisiana. Released from active duty on 31 July 1919, her honorable discharge as a Yeoman (F) First Class was issued on 3 January 1921.

Courtesy of Mrs. Amalie M. Kahn, 1968.

NHHC Collection

Online Image: 77KB; 475 x 765

Photo #: NH 94772

Chief Yeoman (F) Daisy May Pratt Erd, USNRF

Photographed by Bachrach, 1918, wearing the Yeoman (F) Summer Uniform.

Courtesy of Miss G.H. Erd, 1973.

NHHC Collection

Online Image: 67KB; 590 x 765

Photo #: NH 53170

Yeoman (F) Eloise Fort
(left) and
Chief Yeoman (F) Lassie Kelly

Pose for a "Tall and Short" photograph, while visiting New York City, May 1919.
They were part of a contingent of 250 Yeomen (F) who were sent to New York from Washington, D.C., to take part in the Victory Loan drive.

NHHC Collection

Online Image: 83KB; 550 x 765


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