World War I era Yeomen (F)
Uniforms - Blue Jacket & Skirt, Shirt Collar closed with a Tie

The standard Yeoman (F) uniform was distinctive, featuring a "Norfolk" style jacket in navy blue or white and a matching skirt, a white shirt with collar either closed with a tie or open and folded back with a regular navy neckerchief, and a wide-brimmed, flat-crowned "sailor" style hat of navy blue felt or white straw, usually with a ribbon reading "U.S. Navy" or "U.S. Naval Reserve". For cold weather wear there was a navy blue cape. The normal Yeoman's rating badge was worn on the jacket's left sleeve. Chief Petty Officers wore the regular CPO's cap device on their hats in place of a hat ribbon.

There were significant deviations from these standards, including some "uniforms" that appear to have been quite irregular. Among these were the wearing of male Sailors' jumpers, a considerable amount of reshaping of the regular hat, dark-colored straw hats, a variety of hat ribbon inscriptions, the use of enlisted "flat hats" worn beret-style without the grommet, and the wearing of overcoats instead of capes. Some of these variations were reportedly authorized locally due to non-availability of standard uniform components, while others were apparently individual initiatives. A rather emphatic Winter Uniform Regulation issued on 12 February 1919 appears to have been a response to some of the more idiosyncratic variations.

This page, and those linked from it, feature views of individual Yeomen (F) in uniform, both standard and non-standard, and provide links to other images of particular uniform variations. Close examination of other photographs in other parts of our Yeoman (F) will reveal other variations, as well as the wearing of the standard uniform.

This page provides views of the standard blue Yeoman (F) uniform, with shirt collar closed with a tie. Both blue and white hats are featured.

The following pages feature other Yeoman (F) uniforms or styles of wearing them:

Selected images and links to other pictorial coverage on Yeomen (F) World War I era Yeomen (F) - Overview and Special Image Selection

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Photo #: NH 78898

World War I Yeoman (F)

Donation of Mrs. Edith Stallings, who found this unidentified photograph in an antique shop.

U.S. NHHC Photograph.

Online Image: 40KB; 515 x 765

Photo #: NH 76541

Yeoman (F) Sylvia Spear

Photographed circa 1918-19.

U.S. NHHC Photograph.

Online Image: 48KB; 535 x 765

Photo #: NH 53178-KN (Color)

Chief Yeoman (F), U.S. Naval Reserve Force, World War I

Painting by Anne Fuller Abbott, 1925.
This artwork was commissioned by the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations for use in an exhibit on Navy uniforms at the Sesquicentennial Exhibition at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1926.

Courtesy of the Navy Art Collection, Washington, DC.

U.S. NHHC Photograph.

Online Image: 123KB; 580 x 765

Photo #: NH 52950

Chief Yeoman (F) McBride

Probably taken during the Victory Liberty Loan parade in New York City, May 1919.

U.S. NHHC Photograph.

Online Image: 87KB; 600 x 765

Photo #: NH 53180

Chief Yeoman (F)

In New York City during a Victory Loan parade, May 1919.
Note her Chief Petty Officer's hat insignia and rating badge.

U.S. NHHC Photograph.

Online Image: 68KB; 520 x 765


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