Women in the Navy - World War II to 1969, Part II

Between 1954 and 1969, increasing numbers of women served overseas and most WAVES filled administration, training, or communication billets. Since the law allowed only one person in each branch of the military to be in the rank of captain or colonel (0-6) and that was usually the director of the women, there were few promotions to the rank of commander.

Post World War II - 1969 Part I

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Photo #: NH 106760

Captain Louise K. Wilde

(Director of the WAVES)

Talks things over with a group of U.S. Naval Air Station, Moffet Field, California WAVES during her visit on 18 August 1954.
Pictured are, (left to right):
Airman Beth Morse, USN
Seaman Barbara Branch, USN
Captain Louise K. Wilde, USN
Storekeeper Seaman Joan Schneider, USN
Storekeeper First Class Olga Meadows, USN

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Photo #: NH 106761

Lieutenant Charlene T. Suneson, USNR

Reports for duty to the Officer of the Day, Lieutenant Junior Grade J. A. Bishop, USN, on board USS General W.A. Mann (AP-112) in 1961. She was the first line WAVES officer to be ordered to shipboard duty.

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Photo #: NH 106762

Yeoman Second Class Marjorie Powell, USN

Handles part of her day's business while having duty overseas. She was assigned to the Military Personnel Office at Headquarters, Allied Forces, Southern Europe (AFSOUTH), May 1967.

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Photo #: NH 106771

Chief Yeoman Helene Edmondson, USNR

Chief Edmondson receives her 7th consecutive commendation for perfect drill attendence at the U.S. Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Training Center, Atlanta, Georgia, November 1964.
Pictured: (left to right):
LCDR Robert C. Thweatt, USN,
Reserve Intelligence Program Officer, 6th Naval District;
YNC Helene Edmondson, USNR; and
LCDR John R. Garner, USNR,
Officer-in Charge, Naval Reserve Intel. Unit 6-1-3

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Photo #: NH 106772

Lieutenant Commander Rosemary D. Arenth, USN

(Director of Naval Personnel and Discipline and
Assistant Director of Navy Woman, First Naval District)

In November 1968, Arenth was one of the 12 women Navy-wide who were selected for promotion to Commander. She was a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and a graduate of Denison University, Granville, Ohio.

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