Women in the Navy - Post World War II

The combined contributions of military women during World War II led Congress to pass the Women's Armed Forces Integration Act in 1948 which allowed women to serve in the regular military.

A Significant number of women have worked in the Navy's medical and nurse corps. WAVES and nurses supported naval operations during the Korean War.

Post World War II - 1969 Part II

Post World War II - 1969 Part III

Additional information Women in the U.S. Navy.

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Photo #: NH 106756

Rear Admiral George L. Russell, USN,

(Judge Advocate General of the Navy)

Swears in the first six women in the Regular Navy while the Secretary of the Navy John L. Sullivan, far left, looks on. Captain Joy B. Hancock, Director of the Womans Reserve, is to RADM Russell's left, 7 July 1948.
The first six enlisted women are:
Front row: (left to right)
Chief Yeoman Wilma J. Marchal, USN;
Yeoman Second Class Edna E. Young, USN;
Hospital Corpsman First Class Ruth Flora, USN
Second row: (left to right)
Aviation Storekeeper First Class Kay L. Langen, USN;
Storekeeper Second Class Frances T. Devaney, USN;
Teleman Doris R. Robertson, USN

NHHC Collection

Online Image: 73KB; 740 x 605

Photo #: NH 106757

Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Il

Photograph of Recruit Training (W) Company No. 26, Platoon 2 taken on 2 November 1951.

Courtesy of the U.S. Women's Memorial, Washington, D.C.

Online Image: 121KB; 740 x 525

Photo #: NH 106758

Yeoman Second Class Verna Fender, USNR

Petty Officer Fender, a Native-American, served during the Korean War period and was trained at Naval Training Center, Bainbridge, Maryland. This picture was taken circa mid-1950s.

Courtesy of the U.S. Women's Memorial, Washington, D.C.

Online Image: 47KB; 480 x 765

Photo #: NH 106759

Vice Admiral James L. Holloway, Jr., USN

(Chief of Naval Personnel)

Vice Admiral Holloway, Jr. signs the orders directing the first sea-going WAVES to sea at the Pentagon, 19 August 1953.
Captain Louise K. Wilde, Director of the U.S. Navy's WAVES, far right, and Rear Admiral Clarence J. Brown, MC, USN, Deputy Surgeon General, far left, look on during the signing.
The first sea-going WAVES, (left to right):
Hospital Corpsman Second Class Eileen Paluzzi, USN;
Hospital Corpsman Third Class Marie A. Myers, USN; and
Hospital Corpsman Third Class Mavia Cain, USN

NHHC Collection

Online Image: 92KB; 740 x 605


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