African-Americans and the U.S. Navy
World War I to World War II (Part II)

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  • African-Americans and the U.S. Navy - World War I to World War II.

    For further pictorial coverage, see African Americans and the U.S. Navy

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    The following pictures show African-Americans in Navy scenes, afloat and ashore, from 1917 to 1941.

    Photo #: NH 53051

    Naval Training Station, Newport, Rhode Island

    Station Carpenters, during World War I.
    Note the horseshoe over the door in the left center.

    NHHC Photograph.

    Online Image: 125KB; 740 x 530

    Photo #: NH 53184

    Navy Department, Washington, D.C.

    Navy and civilian personnel in an office in the Main Navy or Munitions Buildings, 1918.
    Several African-American Sailors are standing near the counter in the center background.

    NHHC Photograph.

    Online Image: 110KB; 740 x 615

    Photo #: NH 53183

    Navy Department, Washington, D.C.

    Navy and civilian personnel in an office in the Main Navy or Munitions Buildings, 1918.
    This appears to be a form printing office: note machinery against the back wall, stacked papers, and cart below the table in the center. The two sailors present, in the left center distance, appear to be African-Americans.

    NHHC Photograph.

    Online Image: 99KB; 740 x 600

    Photo #: NH 52917

    Navy Department, Washington, D.C.

    Navy personnel at work in a communications office located in the Main Navy or Munitions Buildings, circa early 1919.
    Note telegraph keys on tables, switching equipment in left background, and wall clock marked "Self Winding Clock Company".

    NHHC Photograph.

    Online Image: 124KB; 740 x 615

    Photo #: NH 41889

    USS President Lincoln

    Troops wearing life preservers on deck, while passing through the submarine zone, en route to France during World War I.
    These Soldiers appear to be members of an African-American unit.

    NHHC Photograph.

    Online Image: 95KB; 740 x 445

    Photo #: NH 103273

    USS President Lincoln

    Soldiers of the 505th Service Battalion (an African-American unit) on deck, wearing life preservers as they pass through the submarine zone during the ship's second trip to France, circa late 1917.
    Mess kits are in evidence and some of the men are eating.

    Courtesy of the Naval Historical Foundation, Washington, D.C. - USS President Lincoln Collection.

    NHHC Photograph.

    Online Image: 78KB; 740 x 470

    Photo #: NH 41877

    USS President Lincoln

    Troops of the Rainbow Division reading London and New York newspapers on the transport's deck, probably while she was en route to the war zone, circa October 1917.
    Note that most of these men are wearing wide-brimmed campaign hats.
    An African-American Soldier is at left.

    NHHC Photograph.

    Online Image: 63KB; 740 x 445

    Photo #: NH 82957

    USS Pocahontas
    (ID # 3044)

    Negro troops on board during the ship's second trans-Atlantic voyage, 1917.

    Collection of the USS Pocahontas Reunion Association, 1974.

    NHHC Photograph.

    Online Image: 79KB; 400 x 765

    Photo #: NH 98575

    USS Mercury (ID # 3012)

    Boxing match on board, probably while the ship was bringing troops home from France, circa 1919
    Both contestents in this match are African-Americans.

    Courtesy of Mrs. W.A. Nightengale, 1971.

    NHHC Photograph.

    Online Image: 155KB; 740 x 560

    Photo #: NH 104653

    USS Santa Olivia
    (ID # 3125)

    Boxing match on board, while the ship was en route from France to the United States, carrying homeward bound troops in 1919.
    The original photograph was printed on post card ("AZO") stock.

    Donation of Dr. Mark Kulikowski, 2007.

    NHHC Photograph.

    Online Image: 117KB; 740 x 445

    Photo #: NH 103675

    USS Zeelandia
    (ID # 2507)

    Docked at Charleston, South Carolina, with troops on board returning home from Europe, 1919.
    Many of the Soldiers visible are African-Americans.
    Panoramic photograph by Sargeant, Columbia, S.C.
    The original print's image is 35" long and 7.1" inches high.

    Donation of Dr. Mark Kulikowski, 2006.

    NHHC Photograph.

    Online Image: 76KB; 1200 x 265


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