Rear Admiral James P. Lannon, USN, (1878-1953)

James Patrick Lannon was born on 12 October 1878 in Alexandria, Virginia. Appointed from that same state to the U.S. Naval Academy, he graduated in June 1902. For his two-year Midshipman sea duty, he served on the ships USS Kentucky, USS Rainbow, USS Frolic, and USS New Orleans. In May 1904, he was promoted to Ensign and reported to USS Raleigh, then transferred to USS Oregon. After this tour, he reported in June 1906 to the precommissioned armored cruiser Tennessee, where he was promoted to Lieutenant in May 1907. Two years later, he instructed Seamanship at the Naval Academy. In August 1911, he served as the Executive Officer of USS Paducah, then transferred to USS New Hampshire, participating in the intervention of Vera Cruz, Mexico. On 22 April 1914, while under fire, he was wounded while helping a wounded man. For his "extraordinary heroism," Lannon was awarded the Medal of Honor. In the same month, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

In December 1914, Lannon received orders to the Hydrographic Office at the Navy Department in Washington, D.C., which was followed by instruction at the Naval War College at Newport, Rhode Island. During World War I, he became the Executive Officer of USS Birmingham and was promoted to Commander in August 1917. In December, he assumed command of USS Nashville. In January 1919, Lannon became the Executive Officer of USS New Mexico. In 1920, he had shore duty at the Bureau of Navigation at the Navy Department. In May 1923, he briefly served on USS Pecos then transferred to USS Helena, where he commanded the South China Patrol, Asiatic Fleet. Remaining in the area, he became the War Plans Officer and Liaison Officer for the Office of the Governor General with the Sixteenth Naval District at Cavite, Philippines. In October 1925, he reported to the Division of Fleet Training at the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations and attained the rank of Captain in December.

In August 1928, Lannon commanded USS Concord. Two years later, he reported for shore duty at the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. In June 1933, he led the South China Patrol in the Asiatic Station and transferred to be Chief of Staff to the Commander in Chief of the Asiatic Fleet. In January 1936, he served as Chief of Staff and Aide to Commandant, Third Naval District at New York, New York. In June 1937, he retired and was placed on the retired list. Recalled to active duty during WWII, he became the President of the General Court Martial at the Washington Navy Yard, Washington, D.C. In February 1942, he was promoted to Rear Admiral. In Spring of 1945, he was placed back on the retired list. James P. Lannon died on 13 March 1953 and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia.

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Photo #: NH 48387

Commander James P. Lannon, USN

A post-war World War I photograph. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for action at Vera Cruz, Mexico, 22 April 1914. He received the award on 14 November 1929.

U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.

Online Image: 55KB; 565 x 765 pixels

Photo #: NH 86636

Admiral Frank B. Upham, USN, Commander in Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet

With his staff on board the Asiatic Fleet flagship, USS Augusta (CA-31), at Manila, Philippine Islands, circa January 1935.
Photographed by the Kabirup Studio, Manila.
Most of those present are identified in Photo # NH 86636 (complete caption).

Courtesy of Captain A.K. Atkins, USN (Retired).

U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.

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Medal of Honor citation of Lieutenant James Patrick Lannon, USN (as printed in the official publication "Medal of Honor, 1861-1949, The Navy", page 100):

"For extraordinary heroism in battle, engagement of Vera Cruz, 22 April 1914. Lieutenant Lannon assisted a wounded man under heavy fire, and after returning to his battalion, was himself desperately wounded."

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