Captain John Grady, USN, (Retired), (1872-1956)

John Grady was born on 25 December 1872 in New Brunswick, Canada. He enlisted from Massachusetts in the U.S. Navy during the summer of 1890 and served over ten years before appointed to warrant rank of Gunner in May 1901. Grady then received orders to the auxiliary cruiser Buffalo. In August 1904, he was assigned to the Naval Magazine at St. Julien's Creek, Portsmouth, Virginia, where he was promoted to Ensign. In December 1905, he reported to USS Kentucky. While on board, Grady was promoted to Lieutenant, bypassing Lieutenant Junior Grade.

In October 1909, Lieutenant Grady reported to the armored cruiser North Carolina and later transferred to USS Dixie. In June 1911, he served at the Charge Branch of the Hydrographic Office in New York. In May 1913, Grady received orders to USS New Hampshire and participated in the intervention at Vera Cruz, Mexico. On 22 April 1914, while in exposed and strong positions, Grady commanded the Second Regiment and shelled the enemy to ensure the city's capture. For his "distinguished conduct in battle" on this occasion, he was awarded the Medal of Honor. Remaining at sea, he commanded USS Culgoa. In August 1916, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and reported for recruiting duty in New York.

During World War I, Grady was temporarily promoted to Commander and commanded USS Wilhelmina, later transferring to command USS Dolphin. For his service in World War I, Grady was awarded the Navy Cross. In January 1921, he was permanetly promoted to Commander. That December, he was assigned to the General Court Martial Board at the New York Navy Yard, New York City. In December 1922, he retired and was placed on the retired list. In February 1942, he was briefly recalled to active duty service and promoted to Captain during World War II, only to be placed back on the retired list. John Grady died on 9 December 1956 and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia.

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Commander John Grady, USN

As a Lieutenant, Grady was awarded the Medal of Honor for commanding the Second Regiment, Artillery, during the intervention at Vera Cruz, Mexico, 22 April 1914. He was also awarded the Navy Cross for his service during World War I. Photograph was received in November 1929.

U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph

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Medal of Honor citation of Lieutenant John Grady, USN (as printed in the official publication "Medal of Honor, 1861-1949, The Navy", page 99):

"For distinguished conduct in battle, engagement of Vera Cruz, 22 April 1914. During the second day's fighting, the service performed by Lieutenant Grady, in command of the Second Regiment, Artillery, was eminent and conspicuous. From necessarily exposed positions, he shelled the enemy from their strongest positions."

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