Ensign John Charles England, USNR, (1920-1941)

John Charles England was born in Harris, Missouri, on 11 December 1920. He enlisted in the Naval Reserve in September 1940 and received his commission as a Naval officer in June 1941. Ensign England joined the crew of the battleship Oklahoma (BB-37) in September 1941. He lost his life a few months later when that ship was sunk during the Japanese air raid on Pearl Harbor.

Two U.S. Navy ships have been named in honor of Ensign John Charles England: the escort ship England (DE-635), 1943-1946; and the guided missile frigate (later reclassified as a guided missile cruiser) England (DLG/CG-22), 1963-1994.

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Photo #: NH 85190

Ensign John C. England, USNR,

Who lost his life in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, 7 December 1941, while serving on board USS Oklahoma (BB-37).
USS England (DE-635) and USS England (DLG/CG-22) were named in his honor.

Courtesy of his mother, Mrs. H.B. England, 1976.

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