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Photo #: NH 104962 (complete caption)

Hagushi Beaches, Okinawa

Intelligence mosaic assembled from oblique photographs taken during the 10 October 1944 carrier raids on Okinawa, showing approximately eight nautical miles of western Okinawa shoreline, running south from the Zampa Misaki ("Point Bolo") at the far left. It was prepared 20 November 1944 by the Photo Interpretation Team, G-2 Section, 10th Army Headquarters. The individual beach identities shown in this mosaic were used during the April 1945 invasion of Okinawa.
Attached at the far right are three photographs of David M. Diamond (1910-1974), two in World War II uniform as a Lieutenant and Lieutenant (Junior Grade) in the U.S. Naval Reserve and one taken later in his life.

This image's original print is approximately 139.6 inches long and 9.4 inches wide. The image seen here was reassembled from ten individual scans, with overlap in each eliminated during the reassembly process.
For these individual scans (each representing a 17 inch section of the original, starting at the left and moving right -- with some overlap), see Photo #s:
NH 104962-A (leftmost section);
NH 104962-B (2nd section from left);
NH 104962-C (3rd section from left);
NH 104962-D (4th section from left);
NH 104962-E (5th section from left);
NH 104962-F (6th section from left);
NH 104962-G (7th section from left);
NH 104962-H (8th section from left);
NH 104962-I (9th section from left); and
NH 104962-J (10th section from left, with photos of David M. Diamond).
For a two-part version of the entire image, assembled from these ten individual sections (with one section of overlap between the two), see:
Photo # NH 104962-L (left 40% of the entire image); and
Photo # NH 104962-R (right 70% of the entire image).
For a vertical view of the vicinity at the mouth of the Bishi River (also seen in NH 104962-G, the 7th section listed above), see: Photo # NH 104963.

Donation of Joan Louise Diamond, 2007, from the collection of her father, Lieutenant Commander David M. Diamond, USNR, who served in USS Renville (APA-227) during the Okinawa Campaign.

NHHC Photograph.

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