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Photo #: NH 99072 (complete caption)

USS Henry R. Mallory (ID # 1280)

Panoramic photograph of the ship's Officers and Crew, at New York City, March 1919.
Taken by H. Lindsey, 188 9th Avenue, New York City.
Officers and Chief Petty Officers present are (as keyed by numbers on the top and bottom margins of the original print. Those marked ** could not be confirmed in the January 1919 Navy "Register" or December 1918 "Navy Directory"):
1. Commander Charles C. Moses, USN, Commanding Officer;
2. Lieutenant Commander Arthur G. Burt, USNRF, Navigator;
3. Lieutenant Commander Heywood, Chief Engineer **;
4. Lieutenant Edward W. Lotz, USNRF;
5. Lieutenant Luke W. Kuebler, USNRF (Medical Corps);
6. Lieutenant John B. Healy, USNRF (Medical Corps);
7. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Robert H. Blackshear, USN (Chaplain Corps);
8. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Theodore Kaiser, USNRF;
9. Ensign Richard Saltenstall, USNRF;
10. Ensign Eugene F. Grossmann, USNRF;
11. Ensign E. Ferguson, USNRF;
12. Ensign Raymond T. Gibbs, USNRF;

13. Lieutenant Commander Frederick T. Stevenson, USNRF, Executive Officer;
14. not identified, but possibly Lieutenant Commander William W. Verner, USNRF (Medical Corps);
15. Lieutenant Wilson D.I. Domer, USN (Pay Corps);
16. Ensign Lester B. Karelle, USN (Pay Corps);
17. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Olander (possibly Gustaf Olander, USNRF);
18. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Hanson **;
19. Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Weston **;
20. Ensign Albert M. Catherwood, USNRF;
21. Ensign Isidor Steger, USN;
22. Ensign Anthony P. Throm, USN (possibly);

23. Gunner Robert Holt, USN;
24. Ensign Carlton L. Bell, USNRF;
25. Ensign Clarence F. Huntington, USNRF;
26. Carpenter Ernest E. Nelson, USN;
27. Boatswain Clarence E. McBride, USN;
28. Ensign Lewis Compton, USNRF;
29. Chief Petty Officer Hathaway **;
30. Warrant Officer Thornton **;
31. Chief Petty Officer Callison **;
32. Chief Petty Officer Delaney **;
33. Chief Petty Officer Booker **;
34. Chief Quartermaster Kelley;
35. Chief Petty Officer Patterson **;

36. Chief Petty Officer Kelleher **;
37. Chief Petty Officer not identified;
38. Chief Petty Officer Shane **;
39. Chief Petty Officer Tardy **;
40. Chief Petty Officer Argass;
41. Ensign Smith **;

Donation of Robert W. Fisher, February 1974.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

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6 January 2004