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Photo #: NH 97619 (extended caption)

USS Wright (CC-2)

Underway, 17 June 1963, soon after she was converted to a command ship.
The photo's lengthy original caption, explaining the ships's mission and features, is given below.

Official U.S. Navy Photograph, from the collections of the Naval Historical Center.

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The original caption for this photograph reads:

"The command ship USS Wright (CC-2), one of the newest conceptions in command at sea, was commissioned in the spring of this year. The mission of the command ship is to provide command and control facilities which will contribute to the defense of the U.S. through the World wide communications facilities of the ship. The Wright has the most extensive communications facilities ever put aboard a ship. Its 'Voice of Command' can be heard by ships, aircraft, and stations throughout the World. Wright's command spaces have facilities for theatre-type presentations similar to command posts ashore, including projection equipment and huge motion picture screens. Overall, there are rooms for war operations, plotting, charts and graphics, emergency action, briefings and conferences. On the antenna deck are arranged the largest, most powerful transmitting antenna systems ever installed on a naval vessel. The largest of these antennae towers 114 feet above the deck. An entire room is given to the ship's teletype machines, each of which is capable of receiving incoming messages at the rate of 100 words per minute. The Wright is capable of handling as many messages in a day as many large shore-based communications stations."

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31 May 2001