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"What-the-Hell!" pennant

Used by Naval Group China, during World War II.
(Legend written in the pennant's hem, front side): "This pennant was hoisted on 4 September 1945 on the Glen Line Building when that building was captured by the Naval Group China. The U.S. Flag, Chinese Flag and Rear Admiral M.E. Miles' personal flag were hoisted first by Lt. Comdr. Webb Heagy and Lt. S.I. Morris in order to signal the success of the operation."
(Legend written in the pennant's hem, back side): "This is an exact copy of the original 'What-the-Hell' pennant which was made on board the USS Wickes (DD-75), Lt. Cdr. R.U. Hyde '17, Commanding, and Lt. M.E. Miles, Exec. - August 1934. The original was carried by its designer to the USS John D. Edwards (DD-216) and used in China by Lt. Cdr. M.E. Miles when his ship was ordered to Hainen Island to witness that island's capture on 14 Feb. 1939. See account in 'Saturday Evening Post', Nov. 10, 1945. This insignia used as shoulder patch by U.S. Naval Group China as a shipping designator for SACO supplies in China, 1942-1945. This pennant presented to Rear Admiral M.E. Miles at Shanghai, 4 September 1945 at # 2 Peking Road."

Collection of Vice Admiral Milton E. Miles, USN.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

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24 June 2003