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Photo #: NH 90518 (complete caption)

U.S. Submarine Base, Yokosuka, Japan

Vice Admiral Charles A. Lockwood, Commander, Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet (seated, center) poses with some of his officers at the newly extablished Yokosuka Submarine Base, 2 September 1945, while celebrating Japan's formal surrender earlier that day.
As identified by Captain J.F. Enright, those seated in the front row include (from left to right):
A.C. Smith;
Commander R.H. Bass, CO, USS Runner;
Lieutenant Commander S.L. Johnson, CO, USS Segundo;
Lieutenant Commander F.C. Lynch, CO, USS Haddo;
Commander H.J. Kossler, CO, USS Cavalla;
Captain J.A. Jordan, CO, USS Proteus;
H.E. Day;
Vice Admiral Charles A. Lockwood;
Captain L.S. Parks, Commander, Submarine Squadron 20;
E.C. Hawk;
R.R. McGregor;
H. Cassedy and
Commander W.H. Lawrence, CO, USS Muskallunge.
Seated immediately behind the front row are (left to right, starting third from left):
Commander A.R. Schnable, CO, USS Pilotfish;
Commander John S. McCain, Jr.;
Commander Joseph F. Enright, CO, USS Archerfish;
Commander F.E. Hayler, CO, USS Hake;
Commander R. Holden, CO, USS Gato;
Lieutenant Commander R.H. Bowers, CO, USS Sea Cat;
W.B. Sieglaff and
B.F. McMahon
Others present include:
R.K. Kaufman (first standing row, just to left of officer wearing pistol & holding beverage can);
L.R. Vasey (first standing row, just to right of officer wearing pistol & holding beverage can);
P.R. Schratz (first standing row, 3rd to right from Vasey) and
R.D. Quinn (head only is visible, directly behind officer standing 2nd to right from Schratz);

Courtesy of Captain Joseph F. Enright, USN(Retired), 1979.

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24 February 1999