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Photo #: NH 85296 (extended caption)

USS Pennsylvania (Armored Cruiser # 4)

Anchored at Oyster Bay, New York, during the Naval review there, 4 September 1906. Published on a stereograph card by the Keystone View Company, 1906.

Courtesy of Commander Donald J. Robinson, USN(MSC), 1977

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

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See below for the text which accompanied the original photograph.



Text from the reverse of the original stereograph card:

"The Greatest American War Fleet"

"The greatest fleet of American warships ever assembled, is that which was reviewed by President Roosevelt on September 4, 1906, on Long Island Sound, off Sagamore Hill. There were 45 ships in all, just as many as there are states in the Union, and every one a fighter, ready for action at a moment's notice. Twelve were battleships; 4, armored cruisers; 4, protected cruisers; 4, monitors; 6, destroyers; 6 torpedo boats; 3, submarines; 1, a troop ship; and 5, auxiliaries. They were managed by 16,000 men and officers."
"President Roosevelt made a tour of inspection in the 'Mayflower.' With him was Secretary of the Navy Bonaparte."
"The fleet was painted pure white, as always in times of peace, and was gorgeous with bright flags. It was arranged in 3 columns, over a line more than 20 miles long. Around it was thrown a cordon of naval launches, through which no boats might break, and beyond them were about 500 boats loaded with sight-seers. Altogether the display was truly magnificent."
"The greeting of 21 guns roared forth to the President, announced the beginning of the review shortly after 11 o'clock. At its conclusion President and Mrs. Roosevelt, assisted by Secretary and Mrs. Bonaparte, on the 'Mayflower', received the three rear admirals and the commanding officers of all the ships."
"The fleet has been brought to its present size and efficiency within the past ten years. Not the least important work of the Naval Committee has been the appropriations for target practice, for, as President Roosevelt says, 'Our men can shoot and shoot straight, and therein lies our naval strength and superiority.'"

Copyright 1906, by Keystone View Company

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