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Photo #: NH 76413 (complete caption)

Assistant Secretary of the Navy Henry L. Roosevelt (Seated, right center), and
Admiral David Foote Sellers, USN (seated, left center), Commander in Chief, U.S. Fleet

With other U.S. Fleet flag officers, on board USS Pennsylvania (BB-38) in the Spring of 1934.
Those present are (seated, left to right):
Vice Admiral Walton R. Sexton, Commander Battleships, Battle Force;
Vice Admiral Frank H. Brumby, Commander, Scouting Force;
Admiral Sellers;
Assistant Secretary Roosevelt;
Admiral Joseph M. Reeves, Commander, Battle Force;
Vice Admiral Harris Laning, Commander Cruisers, Scouting Force; and
Rear Admiral Thomas T. Craven, Commander Battleship Division ONE.
Standing, left to right:
Rear Admiral William S. Pye, Chief of Staff to Commander, Scouting Force;
Rear Admiral Adolphus Andrews, Chief of Staff to Commander, Battle Force;
Rear Admiral Frederick J. Horne, Commander, Base Force;
Rear Admiral Charles E. Courtney, Commander Cruisers, Battle Force;
Rear Admiral Edward C. Kalbfus, Commander Destroyers, Battle Force;
Rear Admiral Charles P. Snyder, Chief of Staff to Commander in Chief, U.S. Fleet;
Rear Admiral John Halligan, Commander Aircraft, Battle Force;
Rear Admiral Henry E. Lackey, Commander Cruiser Division FOUR;
Rear Admiral Adolphus E. Watson, Commander Destroyers, Scouting Force;
Rear Admiral Charles R. Train;
Rear Admiral Manley H. Simons, Chief of Staff to Commander Cruisers, Scouting Force; and
Brigadier General Charles H. Lyman, Commander Fleet Marine Force.

Courtesy of Rear Admiral C.H. Lyman, USN(Retired), 1972.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

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22 November 2000