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Photo #: NH 65497 (complete caption)

USS Rhode Island (Battleship # 17)

Members of the ship's crew posed on her foredeck and forward turrets, circa 1908. They are probably all part of her engineering force.
The identities of some of those present, as provided by the donor** and numbered on the original print, are:
1. Lieutenant William B. Wells;
2. Warrant Machinist Charles S. Wolf;
3. Warrant Machinist Murray S. Holloway;
4. Coal Passer Walter J. Fennimore;
5. Coal Passer L.J. Sell;
6. Oiler Peter J. Osterhoff;
7. Coal Passer John Quincy Adams (Great Grandson of President Adams);
8. Fireman Second Class Clifford D. Bemis;
9. Coal Passer Michael F. Dineen;
10. Coal Passer Henry J. Dawson;
11. Boilermaker John Daries;
12. Fireman First Class Charles Wright;
13. Coal Passer (later Hospitalman) James B. Doughten;
14. Fireman Second Class Dick Cavangugh (not on Roster);
15. Cannon (two brothers' names not on Roster);
16. Fireman Second Class Sam Hornstein;
17. Fireman Second Class Cannon (not on Roster);
18. Oiler Jeremiah O'Leary.
19. Fireman Second Class Paul J. Friese;
20. Fireman Second Class Joseph Monaghan;
21. Fireman Second Class Harry Fillmore;
22. Coal Passer James Fanning;
23. Water Tender Thomas M. Kenneday;
24. Coal Passer Jerry L. King;
25. Fireman First Class George Perry;
26. Fireman First Class Charles H. Kennison;
27. Coal Passer Joseph Raible;
28. Coal Passer Arthur Reider;
29. Fireman Second Class Harry J. Morris;
30. Coal Passer Herman H. Niehaus;
31. Fireman First Class Raymond J. Hill;
32. Coal Passer Purdy (first name not remembered);

** In providing these identities, Mr. Bemis commented: "You know after 60 years you can't remember so well".

Donation of Clifford D. Bemus, 1968.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

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Image posted 1 April 2008