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Photo #: NH 61669 (complete caption)

USS Kearsarge (1862-1894)

Ship's officers pose on deck, at Cherbourg, France, soon after her 19 June 1864 victory over CSS Alabama.
Her Commanding Officer, Captain John A. Winslow, is 3rd from left, wearing a uniform of the 1862 pattern. Other officers are generally dressed in uniforms of 1863-64 types.
View looks aft on the port side. At left is Kearsarge's after XI-inch Dahlgren pivot gun, with its training tracks on the deck alongside.
Those present are (from left to right):
Chief Engineer William H. Cushman;
Surgeon John M. Browne;
Captain John A. Winslow;
Acting Master's Mate Ezra Bartlett;
Paymaster's Clerk Daniel B. Sargent;
Lieutenant Commander James S. Thornton, Executive Officer;
2nd Assistant Engineer William H. Badlam;
3rd Assistant Engineer Henry McConnell;
Acting Master James R. Wheeler;
Boatswain James C. Walton;
3rd Assistant Engineer Sidney L. Smith;
Gunner Franklin A. Graham;
Acting Master's Mate Charles C. Danforth;
Acting Master Eben M. Stoddard;
3rd Assistant Engineer Frederick L. Miller; and
Paymaster Joseph A. Smith.

The original glass negative is held by the Library of Congress.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

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Note: In James C. Tily's "The Uniforms of the United Stats Navy" (1964), page 152, the officer second from left is identified as a Paymaster and that at the extreme right is identified as a surgeon, based on uniform cap devices. However, by reference to other photographs of Surgeon Browne and Paymaster Smith, the identifications of them, as given in the above caption, can be regarded as absolutely confirmed. It appears that Tily mis-interpreted the cap devices in question. That worn by Paymaster Smith is particularly difficult to see clearly.


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14 July 2000