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Photo #: NH 54151 (complete caption)

USS Chicago (1889-1935)

Ship's Officers and Officers of the Squadron of Evolution on board in 1889.
Those present are (seated in front row, left to right):
Ensign Albert P. Niblack, USN;
Lieutenant Sidney A. Staunton, USN, Flag Lt.;
Lieutenant John A.H. Nickels, USN;
Paymaster Edward N. Whitehouse, USN;
Rear Admiral John G. Walker, USN, Commanding Officer, Squadron of Evolution;
Captain Henry B. Robeson, USN, Commanding Officer, USS Chicago;
Medical Inspector Thomas C. Walton, USN; and
Chief Engineer Edward Farmer, USN.
(standing in second row, left to right):
Naval Cadet George F. Hawk, USN;
Chaplain Adam A. McAlister, USN;
Captain George C. Reid, USMC;
Assistant Engineer George R. Salisbury, USN;
Lieutenant William H. Schuetze, USN;
Passed Assistant Surgeon James C. Byrnes, USN;
Lieutenant Commander M.R.S. Mackenzie, USN;
Lieutenant Karl Rohrer, USN;
Lieutenant Raymond P. Rodgers, USN; and
Assistant Surgeon Albert M.D. McCormick, USN.
(standing in back row, left to right):
Naval Cadet Arthur B. Hoff, USN;
Naval Cadet Nathan C. Twining, USN;
Acting Gunner John Westfall, USN;
Naval Cadet Richmond P. Hobson, USN;
Naval Cadet Louis M. Nulton, USN;
Carpenter Herbert M. Griffiths, USN;
Passed Assistant Engineer Robert R. Leitch, USN;
Ensign George R. Evans, USN;
Naval Cadet George H. Rock, USN;
Lieutenant Austin M. Knight, USN;
Naval Cadet Henry K. Benham, USN;
Naval Cadet Sumner E. Kittelle, USN;
Naval Cadet Cleland N. Offley, USN; and
Naval Cadet Edward T. Witherspoon, USN.

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Image posted 18 May 2006