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Photo #: NH 51119 (complete caption)

Japanese Mission to the United States, 1860

Members of the Japanese Treaty Commission pose with officers of the Washington Navy Yard, Washington, D.C., at the time of their arrival at the Yard on 15 May 1860.
Those present are (seated, left to right):
unidentified Japanese official;
Naruse Zenshiro, Governor;
Muragaki Awafi no Kami, 2nd Ambassador;
Shinmi Buzen no Kami, 1st Ambassador; and
Oguri Bungo no Kami, 3rd Ambassador; and
Morita Okataro, Officer of the Imperial Treasury.
(standing, left to right):
Lieutenant Somerville Nicholson, USN;
Lieutenant Henry H. Lewis, USN;
unidentified man in top hat;
Lieutenant David Dixon Porter, USN;
Lieutenant Charles C. Simms, USN;
Commander William McBlair, USN;
four unidentified Japanese;
Captain Samuel DuPont, USN, (in top hat);
two unidentified Japanese;
Captain Franklin Buchanan, USN;
two unidentified Japanese;
Lieutenant William L. Maury, USN;
one unidentified Japanese;
Purser Richard T. Allison, USN; and
Tsukahava Jungoro, Governor, (in top hat).
The unidentified Japanese are probably aides and attendents to the Mission.
The photograph looks ESE in the northwestern part of the Navy Yard, on the site of the present Building 104 (which was built several decades later, replacing the structures seen in this view).

Collection of Rear Admiral Montgomery M. Taylor, USN.

U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph.

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Note: For more information on where this photograph was taken, see: Washington Navy Yard - Comments on 1860s Views.


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