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Photo #: 80-G-265727 (complete caption)

USS San Jacinto (CVL-30)
Torpedo Squadron 51 (VT-51)

Portrait montage of squadron officers of VT-51 and senior officers of its parent carrier, USS San Jacinto, circa mid-1944.
The ship's Commanding Officer, Captain Harold M. Martin, is seen in the upper left.
Officer second from right, second row from bottom, is George H.W. Bush, who was President of the United States from 1989 to 1993.
Officers seen in this view include (based on names given on photo, plus consultation with 1944 Navy and Naval Reserve Registers):
Top row, left to right:
Captain Harold M. Martin, ship's Commanding OFficer;
Commander Henry H. Hale, USN, and
Lieutenant Commander Albert B. Cahn, USNR.
Second row, left to right:
Lieutenant Commander Donald J. Melvin, USNR, Commanding VT-51;
Lieutenant Legare R. Hole, USNR;
Lieutenant Martin E. Kilpatrick, USNR;
Lieutenant Forrest H. Daniels, USNR;
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) William G. White, USNR; and
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) R.G.(Richard B.?) Plaisted, USNR.
Third row, left to right:
Ensign Douglas H. West, USNR;
Ensign Howard G. Boren, Jr., USNR;
Ensign Francis M. Waters, USNR;
Ensign Louis J. Grab, USNR;
Ensign George H.W. Bush, USNR; and
Ensign Jack O. Guy, USNR.
Bottom row, left to right:
Ensign Stanley P. Butchart, USNR;
Ensign Milton G. Moore., USNR;
Lieutenant Roland R. Houle, USNR;
Ensign John J. Raquepau, USNR;
Ensign Carl H. Woie, USNR; and
Ensign William M. McCarter, USNR.

Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives.

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